WASHINGTON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2021 Halloween season is complete of excitement, together chocolate and also candy sales space up and also consumers are all set to maximize your fun during the Halloween season. Retailers room going solid on their Halloween sets, with around 27% an ext seasonal items per keep than in 2020. Consumers room planning to celebrate in a big way, including young parents – 93% of who say they arrangement to memory Halloween this year. And sales that chocolate and candy space up 48% end 2020 and practically 60% end 2019.

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Quote from john Downs, NCA president & CEO"Chocolate and candy sales have come roaring back during the 2021 Halloween season together excitement continues to grow and also consumers tell us they"re ready to celebrate. 82% of american say they setup to celebrate Halloween – consisting of 93% the Millennial parents. And also retailers room going solid on Halloween displays this year, through iconic orange and black to adjust coming earlier in a big way. Increase from 80% in 2020, 87% of people say lock will acquisition the same amount – or much more – the Halloween candy this year. Which all provides sense, since what would certainly the Halloween season be there is no chocolate and also candy?"


$324 million in sleeve sales (+48% vs. The same period in 2020; +59.8% vs. The same duration in 2019)Halloween-specific items per store boosted 26.9% vs. The same period in 2020.

HALLOWEEN CHOCOLATE: $199 million sales (+55.5% vs. The same duration in 2020; +70.3% vs. The same period in 2019)

HALLOWEEN NON-CHOCOLATE: $124 million (+31.1% vs. The exact same time duration in 2020; +45.5% vs. The very same time duration in 2019)

SPOTLIGHT on CONSUMERS (Source: 210 analytics x nationwide Confectioners Association, June 2021)

82% of americans – increase 12% indigenous 70% in 2020 – say they"re planning to celebrate the 2021 Halloween season, consisting of 93% that Millennial parents.80% that Americans arrangement to trick-or-treat this year.87% of human being say they will purchase the exact same amount – or an ext – of Halloween liquid this year. This is up from 80% in 2020.82% of Americans room confident they will find safe and creative ways come celebrate the Halloween season.

Methodology: 210 Analytics carried out the nationwide online inspection on instead of of the nationwide Confectioners Association. The research was fielded June 3-8, 2021, amongst a sample of 1,500 U.S. Adult (18 years of age or older). The margin of error associated with the inspection is 2.5% in ~ the 95% confidence level.

Parents know that chocolate and also candy are a fun and special component of family members traditions and also celebrations, and they"re leveraging Halloween as a key moment to speak to their children around balance.

88% of parents speak to your children around balance – and many use Halloween together a moment to do so.83% of parents believe that chocolate and also candy have the right to be a fun part of unique celebrations and traditions.Most civilization in the U.S. Enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times every week, averaging around 40 calories every day and also just one teaspoon of added sugar every day – this contains seasonal celebrations choose Halloween. (NHANES)

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