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“Cast down Your Bucket whereby You Are”: Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta weaken Speech

by Booker T. Washington

In 1895, Booker T. Washington gave what later happened known as the Atlanta weaken speech before the cotton States and also International Exposition in Atlanta. His attend to was among the most important and also influential speeches in American history, guiding African-American resistance come white discrimination and also establishing Washington as among the leading black color spokesmen in America. Washington’s speech stressed accommodation fairly than resistance to the racist order under which southern African american lived. In 1903, Washington recorded this portion of his famed speech, the just surviving record of his voice.

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Booker T. Washington: Mr. President and also gentlemen that the plank of Directors and citizens. One third of the population of the southern is that the negro race. No enterprise seeking the material, civil, or moral welfare that this section have the right to disregard this aspect of our populace and reach the highest possible success. I should convey to you, Mr. President and Directors, and Secretaries and masses of my race, as soon as I say that in no way have the value and also manhood of the American negro been much more fittingly and also generously recognized, than by the supervisors of this splendid exposition at every phase of the progress. It is a recognition that will certainly do much more to cement the friendship that the two races than any occurrence since the dawn of ours freedom. Not just this, but the opportunities here afforded will certainly awaken among us a new era of commercial progress.Ignorant and also inexperienced, that is no strange the in the an initial years the our brand-new life we began at the top rather of the bottom, that a chair in conference or the state legislative branch was much more sought than genuine estate or commercial skill, the the political convention of some teaching had an ext attraction than starting a dairy farm or a stockyard.A ship shed at sea for plenty of days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. Indigenous the mast of the unfortunate courage was watched a signal: “Water, water. We die of thirst.” The answer indigenous the friendly ship at when came back: “Cast down your bucket wherein you are.” A second time, the signal, “Water, send us water!” went increase from the distressed vessel. And was answered: “Cast under your bucket where you are.” A third and fourth signal because that water was answered: “Cast under your bucket where you are.” The captain the the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, actors down his bucket and also it come up complete of fresh, sparkling water native the mouth of the Amazon River.To those the my race who count on bettering their condition in a foreign land, or who underestimate the prominence of preservating friendly connections with the southern white guy who is their next door neighbor, I would say: “Cast down your bucket where you are.” actors it down, do friends in every manly method of the world of every races, by whom you space surrounded.To those of the white race who look come the just arrived of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and also habits for the prosperity the the South, were ns permitted, I would certainly repeat what I have said come my very own race: “Cast under your bucket wherein you are.” actors it down amongst the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have actually tested in days as soon as to have actually proved treacherous expected the destroy of your fireside. Cast down your bucket among these people who have without strikes and labor battles tilled your fields, cleared her forests, builded your railroads and cities, carried forth prizes from the bowels of the earth, just to make feasible this magnificent depiction of the development of the South.

Source: Oral history courtesy that the Michigan State college Voice Library.

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