Perhaps you have actually heard stories around people see the to dance lights across the water, displaying a lively city in another country. However, if you think you have seen an totally different nation from throughout the bay, you either have fantastic eye-sight, or her eyes space playing top on you. 

Can you watch Cuba indigenous Cancun? it is extremely unlikely the the naked eye can see Cuba from Cancun, through 140+ miles between Cancun and the guideline of Cuba and 316+ miles in between Cancun and Havana. 

If you have actually heard the myth of seeing the dancing lamp of Cuba far off in the distance while stand on Cancun, you have actually been tricked. However, this guide will break down all that the transport methods and also hacks for obtaining the most out the these two getaway destinations! Just since you cannot see one native the other, walk not average that they’re no close sufficient to be all at once enjoyed. 

The factors You Cannot view Cuba indigenous Cancun 

Not only is the distance between Cuba and also Cancun too good for the naked eye to check out one native the coast of another, however you are also combatting the curvature that the earth.

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The main reasons you cannot check out Cuba from Cancun are:

It is 143+ mile from coastline to coast between the two.Humans can see around 3-miles far on a clear and also sunny day; however, castle cannot view it in impressive detail. For instance, you certainly wouldn’t notification a rabbit moving from 3-miles away, however you can easily watch the foggy horizon in the distance.Don’t enable this come trick you into thinking the elevation is everything. Sadly, even if you to be standing on the tallest structure in Cancun, you still would certainly not have actually the eye-strength to view 140+ miles. 

How to gain from Cancun come Cuba

You might assume the a ferry would certainly be the many straightforward an approach for traveling in between these two local countries. Unfortunately, over there is no ferry service in between these two countries. The roughly 100-mile distance between Cancun and also Cuba may seem minuscule; however, the is too much for a ferry to travel on a single tank of gas. 

The only means to obtain from Cancun to Cuba is by air! here’s what you need to know:

Interjet is a popular and affordable Spanish airline that offers several daily trips to Havana.Your ticket will certainly be approximately $100 one-way.At the mexico airport, girlfriend will need to get a tourist visa to visit Cuba. You deserve to do this even if your aircraft tickets have currently been purchased.You will certainly then check-in because that your trip as usual; however, friend must show proof of her return trip or proof for this gift a round-trip. You will fill the end a money declaration form at the mexico gate prior to you board your airplane to Havana. You execute not have to declare noþeles if you space carrying under $10,000 worth of goods.Your trip will be about an hour. 

After arriving in Cuba 

Once you have arrived in Havana (or wherever your preferred Cuban location is located), you will:

Go through passport control. You may need to display evidence of health insurance or travel insurance at this allude (a file copy will job-related fine).Your passport will be stamped along with your traveler card.Pass with customs. There may be a customs type to fill out at this point or while you room standing in the baggage insurance claim area. Since you room most most likely on vacation, you will most likely not have sufficient goods to declare anything to customs, which will certainly spare girlfriend a painfully lengthy line. Now, you are officially in Cuba!

How come Exchange Currency 

You have the right to exchange your money at any:

AirportBankOfficial Government currency Exchange residences (CADECA)

As fine as most:

Hotels and also resortsShopping centers

You will simply lug your money to the representative at the establishment and also let them recognize what currency you would favor to exchange for. 

Important money Note – Cuba and also Mexico both usage pesos together their currency; however, lock are distinctive to their nation, and you cannot use Cuban pesos in Mexico or mexican pesos in Cuba. 

Fun things to do in Cancun

While remaining in Cancun, there are a plethora of terrific activities that you and your travel team can enjoy! just a couple of of the neighborhood favorites include:

The Cancún Underwater Museum – A once-in-a-lifetime experience to swim with 500 underwater sculptures. This museum is a diving endure that connects art to nature. The coast – some of the best are:Playa CaracolPlaya LangostaXcaret Park (eco-archaeological park and also beach) Isla Contoy – A coast island known for the birdsPlaya TortugasXacelPlaya DelfinesVisit Chichen Itza – A UNESCO civilization Heritage site. This is an ancient Mayan city that dates back to the 15th century. Swim in a Cenote – through over 30,000 cenote oasis-pools in Cancun, these room crystal clean bodies that water, frequently hidden in a cave and tree-filled jungle. You have the right to relax in the most serene cave swimming well-known to Mexico and combine this v your trip to Chichen Itza.Ruins of Tulum – Tulum is only 81 mile from Cancun (about an hour and also a half).Enjoy the Nightlife – Cancun is a party-town, so enjoy it because that what that is! few of the best night clubs to check out are:Coco BongoCuncrawlCancun VibesMandala CancunH Roof

Fun things to Do as soon as You’ve come in Cuba

Just to surname a couple of ideas for your wanderlust adventures, the many popular tasks in Cuba are:

Exploring Old Havana – fill with distinct architectures, beautiful colors, and enchanting smells.Viñales Valley – A stunning valley near the hills of Sierra de los Órganos.El Malecón– A coastal city v an incredible seawall.

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El Capitolio – A historic landmark and also government building in the facility of Havana. Take a Food Tour – compare it come the seasonings of Mexico! Museum of the revolution – Located in Old Havana.La Cabaña – An 18th-century fortress that is among the biggest in the Americas. Varadero beach – A paradise on earth. Try Cuban espresso – See what all the fuss is about!Peninsula de Zapata national Park – If you require a taste that nature. Find the El Morro castle – A 1590 lock worth exploring. Also, a beautiful place to start your visit come Havana, located just along the coast. Enjoy a Tropicana show – This is the cabaret that Cuba! obtain a taste the the Cuban style for a post-dinner show. You can then run the night away at a local club, using every one of the Cuban dance move you’ve just learned! 

Whether girlfriend are just eye-balling Cuba from the coastline of Cancun, (or you want to explore both destinations), the alternatives are versatile and also each worth experiencing. 

In Conclusion 

Sadly, you cannot view Cuba native Cancun. But the does not mean you cannot reap these destinations any less! In the border of the entire world, 100-miles is incredibly surrounding in proximity. If you space visiting one place, that is well worth considering a day-trip come the other!