lets girlfriend play double/triple indigenous scores twice, when vertically and once horizontally?

does no let girlfriend play double/triple letter scores twice?

This is how I"ve constantly played, so it surprised me to discover that official Scrabble rules carry out NOT permit using double/triple word scores twice.

Perhaps this was true in one older version of Scrabble (I started playing in the 70s).

I searched alters to the Box peak Rules, 1949 - 1999 and also found the following clarification to be made in 1953:

1953: If a word is developed that covers two premium word squares, the score is doubled and also then re-doubled (4 times letter count), or tripled and also then re-tripled (9 times letter count) together the instance may be.

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Nowhere in the rules was there any mention of gift able to usage the exact same premium square twice.

The Diamond Anniversary version rules consists of some interesting variations, yet does not point out your scoring rules.

Personally, i would uncover your scoring sport confusing and prone to error, due to the fact that Scrabble tiles are not transparent, and therefore a novice may have trouble realizing the they space reusing a premium indigenous square.

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answered Nov 6 "12 in ~ 23:22

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I have certainly played Scrabble gamings with people that assumed you might re-use bonus squares, though i haven"t heard of the distinction you make between word and also letter bonus squares. I think this is no so much a usual variation together it is a usual misconception (like free Parking in Monopoly).

I have had actually reasonably-good success weaning human being of their attachment to this non-rule by deliberately making solid blocks of tiles that have to be closely lifted and also replaced because that every word ns play :-)

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Your inquiry isn"t fully clear. When a word has actually been played. The bonus can"t be supplied again in a later on turn, for whatever reason.

If, however, you play a letter that makes one word across and an additional word under (usually pour it until it is full in a block the four), climate you score both words; if the letter is ~ above a bonus square, presumably you count the bonus twice.

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answered Nov 7 "12 in ~ 22:49

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To answer your question directly - yes, I have actually come throughout many people, plenty of times, who were unsure or even adamant the bonus squares need to be considered following your intial play.

Does that make that alright? Sure, if every player participating preemptively agrees upon it, much like they need to agree to constraints of time, clues what publication will settle their conflicts should castle arise and so forth. Does the make the wrong? Technically, correctly it is incorrect however who cares? anyone considering playing this way is obviously no Joe Edley so normally they wouldn"t!

The beauty beauty of Scrabble put in its malleable nature! In no two components of the world are there identical rules and conventions set in place that agree with the following game"s set of rules;

Everybody supplies a various dictionary. Everybody subscribes to their own an individual rendition the the game.

I have actually encountered many people over my lifetime of scrabble who have actually been confused and or to be insistent on this sports you carry to light gift The Rule. Though I perform not agree that this is a suitable rule that the game as that is creators and also overseers have actually seen fit to incorporate - I do not see any type of just cause for stifling your very own enjoyment that the game!!!

I speak play it however the hell friend please and also let no other signal guide than those variantions that move you :*)