I left the PT untreated come let it weather because that a year, but I do the awful mistake of placing Thompson"s Water Seal (the one through wax in it) ~ above the Doug Fir railings.:(

I to wash the railings and also deck with Sherman Williams Deckscapes Deck Wash. The shade came ago nicely, yet a white residue was apparent here and also there ~ above the railings. I number this must be some of the wax from the Thompson"s.

Water is still beading up on the railings.

I tried Deckscapes Stain and also Sealer Remover to piece out the wax. The applications directions say to apply with a brush, rinse with water, and then use a lumber brightner come neutralize the stuff and also lighten the color of the wood.

The Stripper was terrible stuff. Some of it dripped top top my ceiling skin and burned it! not badly, however it walk sting.

I make the efforts this on only a little section to view the results before doing all the railings.

The hardwood did get lighter after applying the Deck to wash after rinsing off the Stripper, however it wasn"t the nice reddish Douglas Fir ton anymore, yet rather a sickly green, like the old-style cuprous arsenide PT wood.=:O

I"d prefer to apply One-Time or Ready-Seal come the railings, however I don"t desire to have to go through the ugly Stripping process if i don"t have to, and I certainly don"t desire to ruin the beautiful color of the Doug Fir.

I currently talked through One-Time and they stated I would have to strip the Thompson"s out.


1. Do you recognize if I"d it is in able to use the prepared Seal without having to strip all the Thompson"s the end first?

2. If I have to strip, is there something better, much less caustic, that I deserve to use that will acquire the Thompson"s wax the end of mine Doug Fir railings?

3. Is over there a product that deserve to restore the original shade of the railing section that turned green?


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Tsk, tsk. Bogus advice, bad understanding that products and consumer confusion abound with regard to treating decks, Thompson"s WATERPROOFER add to CLEAR hardwood PROTECTOR is a paraffin oil product through an effective fungicide antimildew ingredient in one oil based petrochemical carrier that will permeate wood and carry the paraffin and also fungicide into the wood. Review the MSDS prior to you buy noþeles that uses with so much labor. There is NO should REMOVE THE THOMPSON"S to STAIN OR repaint THE DECK OR RAILINGS. Monitor the directions, You need to wait at least 30-45 work (I recommend 6-12 months) before applying another product. The waterproofing nature that Thompson"s precludes making use of a water based product as a stain or paint. Water based deck stains do not organize up on horizontal surfaces v foot traffic and also require stripping the deck prior to every recoating and also should be avoided and rejected by the deck owning public. Do any kind of of you have actually a latex paint on her indoor hardwood floors? then what would maybe make you think the latex will occupational outdoors v the wide range of hot and also cold, dry and wet, humidity, rain, snow, ice, and also mechanical expansion and contraction of the deck boards? Recoat end the Thompson"s clean product the complying with season v a 100% oil and also petrochemical based product, clean or stained, such as TWP, Armstrong-Clark, Penofin (Penetrating Oil Finish). Only use a product that needs a mineral heart cleanup and also NOT soap and water. High quality penetrating oil finishes will soak into the hardwood right past the Thompson"s paraffin if you have actually waited till it is actually time come treat the surface ar again. Do NOT usage A WATER BASED STAIN. They space phony paint stains that leave colours on the surface ar as a skin that have to be gotten rid of before any type of recoat and the removal costs money for chemicals and lots that labor. Moreover, a water based semi-transparent stain will have an adhesion trouble with Thompson"s paraffin underneath it i beg your pardon a penetrating oil based true stain that does no sit ~ above the surface will dissolve and soak previous the paraffin, delivering it more into the wood along with the much greater quality truly liquified wood stains of a high quality product. In general, girlfriend will have actually trouble recognize a really good deck product in the big box stores. The finest products are brought by lumber, paint, fixture carriers that address contractors and also tradesmen, no DIY homeowners. Thompson"s clean Oil Based is a an excellent product for initial protection and also gives a DIY homeowner time to pick and choose a more permanent product with the color they room looking for. The is possible to do PT SYP, a yellow-green wood as soon as constructed, look choose mahogany, chestnut, western red cedar, rosewood, ebony or California Redwood in a solitary coating with a quality true oil based penetrating stain. You will still must coat the horizontal surface ar every year yet the vertical rails will last 3 (except the height surface). The distinction in figure is quite striking once you usage a quality experienced product. Beware that deck stains placed out through a paint company, store in mind the Cabot has actually NO MILDEWICIDE, and also Consumer Reports rating system is in ~ the DIY homeowner level, no Pro level and does not take into account abrasion top top horizontal surfaces and over-emphasizes the "importance" that water based, non-VOC assets that room environmentally friendly (and thus mildew, fungus, reapplication and also periodic stripping "friendly", if that"s just how you prefer to waste your time). Their rating device is supervisor friendly to the big box stores which bring mostly worse products and they totally exclude the skilled leaders in the deck stain industry. Also, expect to use a quality brush. Rollers and paint pads don"t job-related so fine on seams and a sprayer wastes a most material and requires a brush or rag to spread out out excess product or it will certainly be very tacky and also you won"t be happy. Several of the finest products introduce going over the task with a cloth rag every 20-30 minute of stained area to get the finest uniformity and avoid any type of sticky spots. Remember that deck product confusion way more gallons of chemicals sold so it is in a skeptic and "know" what works quite than "trust" advice native inexperienced clerks. Understanding is power. Man is dollars and also labor wasted. An excellent Luck to all.