The basic answer is, yes, you have the right to have two maids of respect at her wedding. Modern-day weddings have become more flexible v tradition, and many couples are tailoring their weddings to your needs. In modern weddings, it’s not uncommon to find two maid-of-honors in the bridal party.

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The maid of honor holds a privileged position in the wedding party. She is your ideal hand throughout the wedding planning and especially on your big day. If you’ve uncovered yourself considering having two maids the honor, we are here to help. In this article, we sell some advice on exactly how to pull it off together seamlessly together possible.

Do i Really Want 2 Maids of Honor?

While that is it s okay to have two MOHs, you’ll require to consider why you’re having them both. For part women, it can be that they have two besties who are equally special to them. If this is you and also you’ve collection your heart on having actually them both, ns encourage girlfriend to walk for it.

But, if you’re considering it due to the fact that you space having outside pressure, now would it is in a an excellent time to emphasis on what you really desire for her wedding. It’s not simple to to speak no to someone, yet it’s much easier than to pack on you yourself something you’d like not to have. You might take lock to having lunch or coffee and also explain why you made her choice. In this way, you’ll respect the connection you have actually with them now and after the wedding.



How to choose your Maids of Honor

The maid of respect duties consists of planning the pre-wedding events, and they will also assist you v all the items on the wedding planning checklist. Many importantly, they acquire to support you once you get anxious together the large day draws near.

The an option MOH is usually clear or obvious for plenty of brides. It can be a BFF or a sibling, yet other time it is not very clear. If you space finding the a little hard to decide from among your closestly friends that to pick, below are couple of pointers to aid you decide.

Are they available for the maid of honor duties?Is that going to be a financial load for them?Are they able to carry out emotional assistance to help me attend to the stress and also anxiety of the wedding?Are they maybe to take it the management to plan and also execute the pre-wedding activities?Are lock a team player, and will they get along with the various other MOH and also the remainder of the bridal party?

Something else to consider is wherein they live due to the fact that somebody that is far is i can not qualify to be of much help planning the pre-wedding events. That may also load lot of the obligations on one MOH, i m sorry may produce some resentment in between them.

Who can be a Maid the Honor?

Ideally, it would be a human being you space close to, and also you have the right to trust with personal information. Traditionally, her maid of respect is the human you go to because that advice about your marriage. That is why most women go v their closest friends or siblings, however it’s not uncommon to see a male or the mother of the bride provided that honor.

If one of your MOHs is a man, he will be called the man of honor. Supposing you decide you desire your mom, a household member, or a married friend, you can opt to designate the matron of honor title come them. The unmarried MOH could then stay as the maid that honor. If they’re both married or unmarried then you could have either the matrons of respect or maids of respect titles, whichever one friend like.



Helping Them gain Acquainted

How your girls will gain along and also collaborate is crucial consideration when selecting your MOHs. If lock can’t acquire along, your drama will add on to the stress and anxiety of the wedding planning, if ideally, they have to be helping to relax it.

If your two MOHs are already close friends or they already know every other, obtaining them top top the same web page will it is in a lot of easier. But, if they’re from various backgrounds, it’s vital to have them understand each other early on in the planning process so that they start to gel. One means of law this is by obtaining them together as often as possible by encouraging regular communication and also collaboration between them. The will aid them acquire closer and make the planning process smoother for everyone.

Getting castle together early in the process will assist you watch if her maids of honor can get along, and also if over there are any issues or bad history between them. You must resolve any issues in ~ this at an early stage stage so the you have time come reconsider her MOHs if the girl can’t do it work.

Make her Expectations Known

Having a to-do list at an early stage in the planning procedure will make it easy for you and your respect attendants to divide the tasks and also get everything done in good time. Allow them know why you require them and what you intend from lock in breakthrough so the they come in prepared.

Financial expenses for your dresses and also the pre-wedding occasions like the bachelorette party are some of the points that you’ll should put throughout early. Although anyone in the wedding party is intended to chip in, you’ll have to be sensitive to other commitments that they may have.

You’ll additionally need to consider how much time they have the right to put into helping you v the wedding planner. Wherein they live is additionally a consideration because it identify their availability for your maid of respect duties.


Divide increase the Tasks

The maid of honor duties will run-up come the work of the wedding. But before then, there will certainly be plenty to get done to make the huge day a success. With your checklist, you’ll have the ability to easily acquire your honor attendants to share out the work in between them. Since you’ll be having actually two instead of one, you’ll obtain more an imaginative ideas for the wedding, and also the tasks will obtain lighter because that everyone.

Pre-Wedding Duties

Wedding etiquette dictates that the maids of respect will assist to organize a collection of pre-wedding occasions with the bridal party, near friends, and family. The bridal shower and the bachelorette party space the key parties the your MOHs will aid to organize and also chip in v the expenses.

Your MOHs will also be your layout consultants. You may need castle to walk shopping for your wedding dress and also also help with the makeup and also accessories. They could also give you creative ideas top top the wedding theme and the architecture of the bridesmaid dresses.

They will also collaborate with the best man to organize the bridal party luncheon right prior to the wedding day. This occasion is optional, and the bridesmaids will have actually their luncheon at a various location native the groomsmen. If you wish to have actually it, friend or your maids of honor might opt to host the bridesmaids’ luncheon.

Away from the parties, her MOHs will aid to regulate the bridesmaids. They will ensure the the bridesmaids have their dress fittings done and also make sure that they acquire to to visit the pre-wedding functions and the rehearsal dinner. Castle will help you through your wedding guests and ensure the they have all the details they need as they prepare to involved the wedding.

Wedding day Duties

The most important maid of honor duty is to offer you the emotional support you need to obtain through anxiety and also doubts that comes v making a life-changing decision like gaining married. Planning for the wedding deserve to be exciting and stressful in ~ the exact same time, and also you’ll need someone to hear to you and keep girlfriend calm and focused.

On the huge day, the honor attendants will certainly stand alongside you as you take her vows. They’ll organize your bridal bouquet and also during the reception, store you nourished and occasionally refresh your makeup to keep you looking fresh. Castle will likewise get to present the maid of respect speech, and also since they room two the them, they deserve to both get to execute it in ~ the very same time. There is quite a little of ingredient for your maids of respect to do, so it does assist to have two the them playing tag team.

Help the Maid the Honor stand Out

One way to help your maids of honor stand the end from the remainder of the bridal party is having actually them undertake a various dress native the various other bridesmaids. It have the right to be the very same dress design and color yet maybe through a various style on the neckline or highlighted v an accessory such as a belt or hair clip.

Traditionally, the maid of respect walks under the aisle through the finest man. In your case, with two maids the honor, there are various ways you can pull the off. One is the best man could walk down the aisle through both ladies, or you can ask among your special wedding guests to walk down the other MOH. The simplest solution because that me is for anyone in the bridal party come walk down alone. That way, everyone gets a chance to shine and also get noticed.

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