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Last updated on September 5, 2020

I recently wrote an comprehensive guide to power drinks, therefore if it’s the caffeine-based form drink you’re feather for, then examine out the pregnancy overview to energy drinks here.

Otherwise, this write-up deals with something slightly different, and also that’s “sports” drinks, including electrolyte water and comparable products. These are commonly used during or ~ exercise, or come hydrate. Common brands encompass Lucozade, Gatorade, Powerade, and BodyArmor. They might additionally be labeling “isotonic”.

If you want a ‘boost’ when you’re pregnant, you may think that sporting activities drinks administer you with some added benefits throughout pregnancy, but is that true?

Covered in this Article:

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have the right to Pregnant females Drink Gatorade?

Can Pregnant women Drink Gatorade?

Gatorade is one of the best-selling brand of sporting activities drinks, so I’ll attend to it very first here.

Gatorade is safe during pregnancy, but be mindful that depending upon the flavor and recipe, some Gatorade versions can be really high in sugar and/or sodium.

If you desire to drink Gatorade once pregnant, then choose the low-sugar, low-calorie options (source: university of Iowa health and wellness Care). This is especially important if you’re at threat of diabetes, or have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Even sugar-free execution of Gatorade save on computer sweeteners such as sucralose or acesulfame. Both are safe in pregnancy, in moderation (source: APA).

On the plus side, Gatorade doesn’t contain caffeine favor other similarly marketed drinks.

Bear in mind that there are also different food dyes in numerous sports drinks. These space fine in moderation too, yet all in all, additives favor sweeteners, colorings, or flavorings aren’t ideal to store having throughout pregnancy.

If you’re drinking Gatorade only to hydrate, it’s far better to pick something rather to drink, prefer milk, water, or lower-sugar juice.


What’s the finest Gatorade for Pregnancy?

If you want to drink Gatorade whilst pregnant, then your finest bet is to opt for their G2 series, as these are reduced in calories and carbs contrasted to the original recipe.

This isn’t a recommendation, since you must only drink Gatorade if you either can’t stomach or don’t want other drinks – but of all the flavors, the G2 ones are a much better option.

Gatorade for Nausea and also Dehydration throughout Pregnancy

Some women discover that when they’re suffering from morning sickness or nausea throughout pregnancy, and also can’t save anything else down (including water), Gatorade and similar drinks can help.

There haven’t been any scientific research studies on even if it is Gatorade and also other sports drinks help with nausea, yet anecdotally, over there are many women who turn to Gatorade as soon as they’re feeling really sick, and it appears to help.

Since it’s necessary to continue to be hydrated throughout pregnancy, drinking Gatorade is fine because that nausea and also sickness (source: OGA). If you’ve to be vomiting or had diarrhea, it can also aid you hydrate after losing fluids.

However, it’s not absolutely vital to obtain extra electrolytes from Gatorade, since water deserve to usually hydrate you saturated (source: UIHC Health). Water is commonly the finest option, yet if friend can’t or don’t desire to drink it, turning to Gatorade is fine.

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Can i Drink Powerade throughout Pregnancy?

For the functions of pregnant safety and for combating nausea and morning sickness, you have the right to treat Powerade the same method as Gatorade – consisting of all the queries reply above.

Powerade is safe during pregnancy and also may assist with morning sickness or nausea, similar to Gatorade.

Scientifically, the differences in between the two beverages are minimal. The carb and also sugar components are similar, though various sweeteners room used.

Powerade has actually some added B vitamins, however these aren’t in amounts that are significant enough to it is in of benefit during pregnant (source: Powerade official Site).

Gatorade might be slightly far better at replacing sodium (source: Washington college Faculty), yet this is usually just of issue to civilization who are hydrating after intense exercise, quite than pregnant women.

As with selecting a reduced sugar and calorie Gatorade flavor, the same applies to Powerade. The “best” Powerade come drink throughout pregnancy is Powerade Zero, as it doesn’t save sugar, and has fewer calories.

However, the still consists of sweeteners prefer sucralose, so as with Gatorade, it have to only be an choice if you can’t stomach other options like water.

Is drinking Lucozade Safe as soon as Pregnant?

The third drink investigated right here in detail is Lucozade, which is a sports drink mostly available in the UK and also Australia.

Lucozade is sometimes used to perform an dental glucose tolerance test (OGTT), i beg your pardon is part of the procedure to examine for gestational diabetes (source: Cambridge college Hospital). Periodically it also gets nicknamed ‘the Lucozade Test’.

Lucozade is used due to the fact that it conveniently increases the blood sugar, and it allows medical employee to test how fast your body has actually processed the glucose. Because it’s supplied as component of this clinical test because that pregnant women, Lucozade is safe throughout pregnancy, and not harmful to her baby (source: Tommys).

However, just due to the fact that Lucozade is used throughout a medical test doesn’t median it’s “good”. The reality Lucozade spikes your blood street is something come avoid throughout pregnancy, together high blood sugar during pregnancy may rise your risk of diabetes and also your child’s threat of excessive weight (source: NIH).

The technique to Lucozade need to be the very same as other ‘sports’ drinks extended in this article. Lucozade deserve to be useful if you can’t save anything rather down, have pregnancy nausea, or to aid with morning sickness, but for basic hydration, it’s far better to prevent such high-sugar drinks.

This applies no issue what type of Lucozade – consisting of Lucozade Original and Lucozade Sport. You have the right to drink the in moderation throughout pregnancy, but stick to the reduced sugar alternatives where you can, such together Lucozade Zero.