The PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve) is a an essential part the the emissions controlsystem on most vehicles.

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Not every vehicle has a PCV valve, however most do. If yours has actually one, and if her engine has actually been idling approximately or a malfunction indicator light walk on, examine the PCV valve (shown in number 8-5) come make certain that the isn"t clogged v sludge from the contaminants in the exhaust fumes or grounding in the wide-open position.


Car manufacturers indicate that PCV valves it is in cleaned or changed after somewhere between 20,000 to 50,000 mile of driving. Consult your owner"s hands-on to view where the PCV valve is located on her vehicle and what the recommended organization intervals are. The valve is commonly replaced during scheduled tune-ups, yet depending top top its form and location, girlfriend may be able to check, clean, and replace the yourself. This section has instructions for doing every the jobs.

Locating the PCV Valve

The PCV valve is usually plugged right into a rubber grommet in the valve cover (see number 8-6), back it may be located on or near the intake manifold (see numbers 8-6 and also 8-7). A hose resulting in the PCV valve is often kept in place by a clamp. Periodically there"s a tiny L-shaped housing on the finish of the hose the covers the end of the valve.



Checking the PCV Valve

Tip: There are several ways to examine whether your PCV valve is to work properly. Choose the one that appears easiest for you (the engineshould it is in idling no matter which technique you choose):

Method 1: complying with the indict in the following section, remove the PCV valve indigenous the valve cover v the water tap still attached. Then location your finger end the open end of the hose (see figure 8-8). If the valve"s functioning well, you will certainly feel solid suction. Try shaking the valve. If it"s unobstructed, it must rattle. If it"s fouled, the rattle will be indistinct or non-existent. Method 2: remove the lid from the oil filler feet on the valve cover and place a stiff piece of file over the opening. If your PCV valve is working properly, the document should it is in sucked against the feet withinseconds.

If the valve doesn"t seem to be functioning properly, prior to you go to the trouble to replace it, shot cleaning that to see if that renders a difference (see the later section the covers clean the valve). If that doesn"t work, change it with a brand-new valve (following the accuse in the following section). The great news is a PCV valve isn"t terriblyexpensive.


Removing and also Replacing the PCV Valve

Follow this instructions to eliminate your vehicle"s PCV valve in stimulate tocheck, clean, or replace it through a brand-new one:

1. Locate the PCV valve and also loosen the hose clamp if over there is one, or pull the tiny L-shaped real estate off the end of the valve.

2. Remove the valve. part PCV valves are hosted in location with a rubber grommet and can simply be traction free. Others room threaded into place. If you can"t unscrew the valve through hand, shot to master its base through the open finish of a combination wrench or a tiny crescent wrench.

3. When you have the PCV valve off, check the hose and also the water tap clamps or grommet. (You don"t desire to need to make two trips to the auto parts store!) eliminate the hose and also blow through it. If the water tap is dry, brittle, soft, spongy, or full of sludge or tough deposits, you should replace it. If the clamps space rusty or the grommet watch deteriorated, you should replace them, too.

4. If the new valve screws into place, carry out this through hand to protect against stripping the object in the valve cover. Make sure that the valve is seated securely (it should stick simply a tiny when you shot to unscrew it again), however don"t over-tighten it!

5. Reconnect the hose to the PCV valve.

6. Begin the engine, and check approximately the PCV valve for leaks.

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Cleaning the PCV Valve

If your vehicle"s PCV valve isn"t working, you deserve to clean it you yourself by immersing it in carburetor cleaner or solvent her auto supply store deems suitable. There must be no gummy shop or discoloration ~ above a clean valve. If her PCV valve must be replaced, purchase a brand-new one, eliminate the old valve, and insert the brand-new one in its location (refer come the previous section for accuse onreplacement).

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