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Halloween: Why you should never pat the Ouija Board

The reality you have the right to buy these points on Amazon for much less than a tenner, might be the scariest component of all!

If you’re right into all things spiritual, you’ve most likely heard that the Ouija Board. This level piece of timber is marked with letter of the alphabet, numbers, to add the words yes and also no and also is claimed to be able to make contact with the heart world. ‘Players’ location their hands on a small, love shaped item of hardwood which supposedly then spells out the answers come questions….all on it’s own.


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If prefer us you assumed Ouija to be a spooky name derived from some mystic spirit guide from long ago, you’re dead wrong. It’s in reality a trade note belonging to Hasbro (the firm that makes the equally terrifying computer mouse Trap and Connect 4) and also was coined in 1890. The Ouija Board climbed to fame throughout WW1 and also has since gained pan from drunk students come psychic mediums and everyone in between.


Whether you’re a believer in being able to call ‘the other side’ or think it’s a pack of old tosh, there’s part pretty shocking evidence out there to ago up the Ouija board ability. Reportedly this simple looking piece of hardwood is able come summon both spirits and demons, so it’s an ext like a game of Russian roulette than knowing for certain its your lovely old so late granddad answering the call.

Dicing v the unknown is constantly risky, and also because we’re all scared the our very own shadows below at The overview Liverpool HQ, we don’t indicate dabbling through the Ouija Board complete stop.

Here’s 8 story that will put you off play the Ouija plank for life….

1 – The Poltergeist Who pertained to Tea


A young girl named Annabelle accidentally occurred a spirit referred to as ‘The Jester’ in ~ Halloween. This clown had a whale that a time launching objects around her bedroom, initially for a couple of weeks. At the period of 22, the girl tho felt the presence and experienced poltergeist behaviour, proving a soul isn’t just for Halloween.

2 – I battled The Law

Ouija board have obtained some players in to significant trouble and also as that today, stating “the Ouija board told me to execute it” has actually never obtained anyone out of a court case! Murderers, thieves and also arsonists have actually all been recorded as using the Ouija board as an excuse. Offer it up!

3 – The real Exorcist


A young girl in southern American was recorded on camera, reportedly writhing about as an angry spirit, summoned through the Ouija Board, took over her body. A priest had to perform an exorcism prior to she went back to normal. Not going to lie, the film version was much more convincing.

4 – Revelations Galore

For those seeking comfort from messages from ‘the various other side’ the Ouija board might seem like it’s worth a shot. However one player to be haunted through the truth she couldn’t make contact with her late friend because another spirit told she he remained in hell. Think you recognize someone huh?

5 – feeling the Burn


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Apparently you should never burn one Ouija Board, it serious annoys the ghosts. One team of mates printed out one Ouija board from the internet and also after failing to get any kind of response, screwed the up and also chucked that on the fire. That’s once the creepy sh*t started. Banging doors and also scary sound in the night add to the realisation the the only component of the record board the didn’t burn was the word ‘yes’. Waaahhhhh.

6 – It’s Dead Scary

The rush of emotion the love shaped ‘planchette’ relocate when you ask your first Ouija plank question have the right to be easily replaced by complete and also utter terror if you don’t obtain the answer you want! part players have reported feel of paralysis, hyperventilation and also persistent night terrors. Demon or spirit, the choice isn’t yours come make.

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7 – that Can impact Your psychological Health


The result of playing through an Ouija Board have the right to seriously result your psychological health. Whether it’s a shocking, upsetting or scary occurrence at the time, or the consequences of the answers you receive, which according to some space simply decided by the players in the room. Reports have provided some users have actually suffered the impacts of this so referred to as ‘game’ because that the remainder of your lives.

We desire to hear her Ouija plank stories. Did friend pluck increase the vessel to have a go together a kid? have you spoken to the various other side? have you summoned a poltergeist who currently lives in your spare room?

Drop united state a line (not utilizing the Ouija Board) top top Twitter, facebook or Instagram with your creepy stores and freak us right out! Happy Halloween