Whether you’re an proficient skateboarder or a brand-new enthusiast, opportunities are you’ll want to lug your board v you the next time girlfriend head the end on a trip. And also when it concerns air travel, a concern that regularly comes up is: have the right to you take it a longboard on a plane? Well, the brief answer is, yes, you can!

But when planning to fly through your board, there room a number of things to consider. We explore these in this article and look at some of the ideal skateboard take trip bags that will assist keep that protected, no matter what form of travel you’ll be doing.

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Protect her Skateboard when Traveling

While you can just carry your longboard together is, you perform run the risk of the board being damaged throughout flight if it’s no adequately protected. To avoid this from happening, there room a number of ways to safeguard your board once traveling.

Put her board in a travel bag specifically designed because that skateboards. See listed below for some optimal picks.If you’re bringing a huge suitcase with you anyway, girlfriend might think about packing her board in it whereby it will certainly be nicely padded with bordering clothes and also other belongings.You might additionally consider dismounting the board and packing the hardware separately to make it easier to handle and an ext likely come be accepted as a carry-on.

The ideal Skateboard take trip Bags

Whenever you’re moving your board, you desire to make certain it continues to be undamaged and also in one piece. Getting a great quality skateboard bring bag is a smart idea due to the fact that it will certainly not only provide included protection for her longboard, yet it will additionally make it much easier to bring your board and also accessories, even if it is traveling across the world or across town.

Here are some of the finest quality options throughout sizes and also prices. Examine carefully to make certain the case you pick is big enough to hold your board.

Sector 9 The field Bag Skateboard take trip Bag

Our optimal pick is the field Bag from sector 9. It’s definitely amongst the ideal quality bags the end there, and can pack everything you’ll want for a skate trip. In ~ 52 customs long, it’s got sufficient room for two boards, your helmet, and plenty of various other gear. This bag is durable and also well draft so the it can quickly be checked-in on your trip as a sporting activities bag, and some airlines even enable it as among your carry-ons.

It’s yes, really well-made with difficult nylon straps and also and tear resistant polyester body. The bag has a bring handle and also a removable shoulder strap, and also can quickly be convert from a continuous bag to a backpack as soon as the board is out, for totally hands-free carrying. An extremely convenient.

Inside there room cinch straps to save your board(s) securely in place. There’s a removable inside carrying instance which is an excellent if you need a 2nd small bag for hardware or other gear, and also mesh pockets for organized storage. On the exterior there are some comfortable zippered compartments for points you could want to get to much more quickly, and there’s even a helmet pouch.

Choose from tan with black trim or camo. Currently priced at under $140, the high quality, kind style, and also top user ratings make this lug case quickly worth every penny.

Whiptide Carve Board travel Bag moving Case

This skateboard bag from Whiptide is a lightweight, resilient bag with numerous packing options. It has a shoulder strap and a top manage for straightforward carrying. And also there room plenty that pockets and also compartments because that storing extra gear and also items. These include 2 huge and 2 tiny pockets in the interior, and also 3 easy access zippered pockets on the exterior.

This bag procedures 36 inch long and also 12 inch wide. In ~ only around $30, this is a good value bag.

Sector 9 Lightning Longboard Wheeled travel Bag

This Lightning Longboard take trip Bag is one more top pick from ar 9. Just this one additionally has the advantage of wheels because that even much more convenient taking care of through airports and on the road. The inline ice scating wheels space smooth rolling, quiet, and lightweight.

This bag has a removable protective board sock, a removable inner transferring case and also a removable shoulder strap, offering you lots of ways to customize it because that your specific travel needs. Straps store your plank from slipping around, and also a helmet pouch stores the helmet nicely away. Numerous storage compartments do for good packing options. The extra roomy bag has actually plenty of room for packing part clothing and also other gear, and can be quickly checked in as a continual size luggage on most airlines.

Lovinstar Longboard carry Case

The most economical choose on our perform is the longboard bring case from Livinstar. In ~ only about $15, this straightforward no-frills travel bag does precisely what the sets out to execute – helps you lug your skateboard easily and securely, wherever you’re heading.

This lightweight bag is make of rip-resistant polyester that is water-proof treated. The bring handle is long sufficient to sling over your shoulder, or just grab through your hand and go. Perfect for tossing in the overhead compartment without worrying around someone else’s bag scuffing up her board.

So the real concern to ask isn’t can you take a longboard on a plane, however how execute you finest protect your longboard when traveling. Depending upon your kind and length of travel, and also your budget, there’s a good skateboard travel case solution to meet your needs.

Air Travel v a Skateboard: Carry-On or checked Luggage

When packing for a pilgrimage by air, it’s often a difficulty to determine what to carry-on and what to check. This expand to your skateboard as well. Think around how essential it is to have actually ready access to girlfriend in the cabin vs. Checking it and also picking it up in ~ baggage insurance claim at the various other end.

Your answer will count on a number of things, including:

amount of Luggage You’re Taking If you’re travel super light on a week-end or other brief journey, you might only have actually one tiny carry-on bag and also your board. For longer trips you can be happen one or more larger bags that needs to it is in checked, and also maybe one or two small carry-ons as well. You’ll want to think about how simple it is to manage all your equipment when boarding and also unboarding the plane, the moment it take away to address baggage claim, and also any fees charged by her airline (more on that below).

Your Airline’s accuse Each airline has various guidelines for what deserve to be carried on and what demands to be checked. This includes measurements for what they’ll allow to it is in stowed in the overhead compartment, and also it also might incorporate a list of certain items that must always be checked, together as certain sports equipment. There is also a border to the number of items you can carry-on v you. Check to check out if your airline has anything published online that specifies how to manage your longboard.

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Your Airline’s Fees an additional important thing to look in ~ is package fees. Every airline is different these days, with some charging fees because that extra carry-ons and others charging fees for checked bags.