It take it a while because that Xbox One backwards compatibility to arrive, and PS4 backwards compatibility is quiet a little bit in limbo, but the Wii U has always loved its heritage, andallows you come play Wii games along with a entirety host of other titles.

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Plus:it"svery basic to do and for the most part it"s free. So hooray because that Nintendo.


Nintendo"s method to backwards compatibility is refreshingly different. Nearly all Wii games can be played on Wii U simply by inserting the appropriate disc, or by downloading the game from WiiWare or online Console.

You can even buy brand-new Wii title from the Wii software application channel.

To start playing, every you should do is fire increase the Wii food selection application from her Wii U Menu. Within this menu, you"ll see any type of of her existing Wii data and other gamings that you deserve to purchase.

The only caveat is girlfriend won"t be able to use the Wii U GamePad to control them. You"ll have to use her old Wii controllers instead, but it does average you"re getting the authentic Wii suffer on your brand-new console.


You deserve to move all her Wii content to your brand-new Wii U making use of a system Transfer. It"ll migrate all your data including your to buy content, save data, Mii characters and also other content over come the new console, making certain you don"t lose any type of of the goodness.

To carry out the device Transfer, you"ll require your Wii and your Wii U, an SD card and an internet connection. You"ll likewise need to remember the you can only relocate all the data at once, rather than on an individual game basis. You additionally can"t carry data earlier to the Wii as soon as you"ve transferred it.

When you"re ready, make sure your Wii U has actually the latest mechanism update and then affix both it and also your Wii come the internet, andfollow these steps:

Set up your Wii U and select the Wii Menu.Boot increase the Wii device Transfer application, climate follow the on-screen instructions.Insert an SD card or SDHC Card right into the SD map slot that the Wii U console when prompted.When prompted, eliminate the SD Card and also leave the Wii U console in its present state. Perform not turn off the strength or go back to the Wii Menu.Connect the Wii console to the TV.On Wii, begin the Wii Shop Channel and download the Wii U Transfer tool from the channels section.Start the Wii U move Tool and follow the on-screen instructions.After the process, the applications will educate you i m sorry data has actually been moved. Remove the SD map from the Wii when the application asks you to carry out so.Insert the SD Card right into the Wii U console, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the mechanism transfer.Once the procedure is complete, you have the right to enjoy your content on your brand-new Wii U console.


thanks to the Wii U virtual Console system, you have the right to actually enjoybackwards compatibility past just Wii games.

Here room all the platforms v titles accessible through the virtual Console.

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GameCube (downloads only)Nintendo 64Super NintendoNESNeo GeoSEGA understand System

We will note that the Wii U isn"t compatiblewith the GameCube controller, which way GameCube video game controls areremappedto the Wii U controller.

Some the the virtual Console location highlights includeSuper Mario64,Mario Kart 64, Wave race 64, Legend the Zelda: Ocarina that Time andA connect to the Past,Super Mario Worldfor the SNES,Metroid Prime because that the GameCube andSuper Mario Sunshine for the GameCube.

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