Turtles can have strawberries together a treat indigenous time come time (and they do seem to gain them!).

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Strawberries (and various other fruits) save on computer a wide selection of advantageous nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber.

Strawberries can be a an excellent part the a healthy, balanced diet!

Still, girlfriend shouldn’t depend on strawberries as a clip food for your turtle. Instead, save your animal’s diet as herbal as possible.

Wild turtles do consume strawberries, but only in small quantities.

All types have slightly various requirements (and part will advantage from a juicy strawberry more than others).

You’ll require to take into consideration which species of tortoise you have prior to deciding how frequently to encompass strawberries in their diet.

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Other turtle Treats (for Herbivorous and Omnivorous Species)


Most turtles space omnivores, meaning the they have to feed top top both pet and plant material. They typically feed on:

InsectsSmall fishVegetablesLeafy greensFruit (including strawberries)

As a basic rule, terrestrial (land-dwelling) turtle (aka tortoises) are better adapted because that a plant-based diet 보다 their aquatic cousins.

In captivity, most terrestrial turtle (tortoises) perform enjoy strawberries together a treat.

They’ll also eat a selection of other fruits such together melon, figs, and papaya.

As strawberries and other fruit contain big amounts of sugar, the is unwise to feed your tortoise fruit also regularly.

These pets are adjusted for a life that grazing and also may develop gastrointestinal issues resulting indigenous an imbalanced diet.

Like many humans, they love the taste that sweet, sugary foodstuffs (like strawberries).

They will certainly often choose these over healthier food item when offered side-by-side!

This “sweet tooth” can reason your tortoise to overindulge if fruits space constantly on offer!

It’s your responsibility as a goalkeeper to balance your turtle’s diet appropriately.

Read up on your species’ details needs and also stick come a continual schedule to stop issues.

Do turtles Eat Strawberries?

The strawberry tree grows throughout many of the northern Hemisphere.

Wild strawberry bushes often tend to like brushy habitats along woodland edges or close come footpaths.

Tortoises – such as package turtle and Russian turtle – graze top top grass, leafy plants, and flowers to acquire most of your caloric intake.

They’ll also munch on low-lying or fallen fruits such as mangoes and various berry in the wild.

So, carry out turtles eat strawberries?

It’s likely that wild tortoises do eat strawberries on occasion.

Still, strawberries space only current for a small component of the year and also do not comprise a big part of your diets.

Most tortoise species will benefit from a small part of fruit in your diet in captivity.

Semi-aquatic varieties such together snapping turtles and also sliders tend to feed an ext on fish, invertebrates, and also other animals in the wild.

They commonly ambush your prey and trap it using their powerful, beaked jaws.

Semi-aquatic turtle varieties can have fruit as an sometimes treat, yet not regularly.

Sea turtles deserve to feed on sponges, algae, fish, crustaceans, or also jellyfish. They execute not eat fruit.

Can box Turtles Eat Strawberries?

Can box turtles eat strawberries?

Box turtles space omnivores and also can eat strawberries as an occasional treat.

For proof, check out this adorable video of a box turtle eating strawberries by Reddit user TacoTornadoes!

Your box turtle can also eat various other fruits such as apricots, raspberries, apples, and also pears, and also insects and also veggies.

As with many species, irpari greens should consist of most the your crate turtle’s diet.

It’s also good to market fruits (including strawberries) and also insects on occasion.

Great insect choices for your box turtle incorporate crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms.

These feeder varieties are easy to find, as many bsci-ch.org stores sell them.

These turtle types love to find for live insects in the wild.

Hunting live prey is wonderful source of behavioral enrichment and will assist keep her turtle happy and healthy!

Earthworms are an additional excellent choice, detailed that they are free of chemical additives.

Avoid purchase worms or nightcrawlers indigenous bait shops for this reason.

Can Aquatic tortoise Eat Strawberries?

Can painted tortoise eat strawberries? Do painted tortoise eat strawberries? What about other aquatic species?

Some aquatic turtle varieties are omnivorous, while rather are mainly piscivorous.

All turtles can eat strawberries, yet not all types will enjoy the services equally.

Overall, aquatic tortoise diets can be trickier to administer for than tortoise diets.

Sliders – like the red-eared and also yellow-bellied sliders – must be available a mixture of:

VegetablesFresh fruitsAquatic plantsFormulated tortoise pelletsVitamin and also mineral supplementsLive feeder fish (and various other live prey)

Strawberries space a great choice because that the fruit part of her slider’s diet yet should be available only in moderation.

Fresh, eco-friendly vegetables and aquatic tree should make up around fifty percent of all their food.

Fruit – such together strawberries – must be an sometimes treat only, consisting of less than ten percent of your slider’s diet.

Check out our specialist treatment sheets because that the red-eared slider and yellow-bellied slider to learn an ext about your diets!

Snapping turtles – such as the common snapper – are greatly piscivorous animals.

Their organic diet is composed primarily of little fishes, amphibians, and also bsci-ch.orgs. They likewise feed top top carrion (dead animals) and also aquatic vegetation.

Strawberries – readily available in moderation – definitely will no harm a snapping turtle yet don’t fit their nutritional needs.

Plant matter should make up less 보다 30% of your snapping turtle’s food intake.

This part provides vitamins and also minerals and also fiber because that digestion.

Aquatic plants space a far far better choice 보다 strawberries because that these purposes.

The ideal aquatic plants because that snapping tortoise diets encompass water hyacinth, anacharis, and also duckweed.

So, deserve to aquatic turtle eat strawberries? Yes, but only in moderation.

Images of a turtle Eating Strawberry

If you’re quiet not persuaded that a turtle will certainly feed on strawberries, a fast internet search deserve to yield lot of of evidence.

Here we have actually compiled a shortlist of photos of turtles eat strawberries.

As you can see, strawberry go down a act with many different species!

Turtles deserve to be confusing eaters. Be prepared for your turtle to have actually a face full of strawberry after dining. Credit to u/ReadyPlayer85 (via Reddit).

Have you ever seen a tiny tortoise eating strawberry?

For a cuteness overload, you’ll desire to inspect out this video of a baby turtle eating strawberry.

Other turtle Treats (for Herbivorous and Omnivorous Species)


Different turtle species have various needs.

Grazing species in certain – such as Russian tortoises – require a well balanced diet consisting generally of leafy vegetables.

Fruit (such together strawberries) have to only make up about ten percent of the diet.

The ideal veggies because that these pets are dark, leafy greens.

These space the most nutritious for herbivorous turtles and should make up most of your diet.

Some of the ideal leafy greens for these animals include alfalfa, escarole, and also dandelion (leaves and also flowers).

Spinach and swiss chard are additionally excellent choices but contain oxalates, and therefore you must offer them much less often.

Oxalates (or oxalic acids) are chemicals developed by plants that can reason digestive problems if consumed in huge quantities.

“Cruciferous” vegetable – such as kale, cabbage, sprouts, and also mustard greens – should also be fed in moderation.

They space “goitrogenic” and also can reason irregular thyroid role if eaten in excess.

It’s essential to note that cruciferous vegetables are still good for herbivorous turtles, and also you shouldn’t avoid them altogether.

As with any type of food, that is possible to have too lot of a good thing!

As a general rule, friend should prevent light eco-friendly vegetables such together iceberg lettuce and also celery. These contain few nutrients contrasted to various other veggies.

Your turtle may likewise appreciate “treat veggies” from time come time. These deserve to include:

PeasSquashCarrotsSweet potato (cooked)


Fruit is packed full of vitamins and also minerals to offer your turtle an occasional wellness boost.

They aren’t sufficient to sustain your turtle entirely, though. Make certain that the majority of your diet is consisted of mostly of leafy greens and also vegetables.

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Some that the finest fruit for your turtle are:

ApricotsFigs and also datesRaspberries and also strawberries

Other fruit that turtles like to eat include:

MangoApplesPeachesTomatoGrapes/raisinsBananas (skins on)

Note: Citrus fruit – such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit – room harmful to bsci-ch.orgs. Never ever feed her turtle citrus.