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It may look harmless, yet raw flour can, in fact, harbor illness-causing bacteria favor E. Coli. Here’s what you need to know.
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When it involves foods to be wary of throughout pregnancy, life flour isn’t usually top of mind. Yet eating raw flour — and all of the foods items it’s discovered in, choose cookie dough batter and also cake mix — can make you seriously ill.

Over the years, the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) has connected multiple outbreaks that foodborne illnesses to life flour. In 2019 alone, a bacterium referred to as E. Coli sickened much more than 20 people, prompting a recall for almost 10 types of flour and baking mixes.

Here’s what you need to know about raw flour — consisting of why eating raw cookie dough isn"t a good idea.

Can girlfriend eat life flour during pregnancy?

No, girlfriend shouldn"t eat life flour in any kind when you"re pregnant.

It might seem unauthorized — especially compared to various other off-limits pregnancy foodstuffs like sushi and also undercooked meat —but life flour deserve to contain bacteria choose E. Coli, which deserve to make girlfriend sick.

Flour is acquired from a grain the comes straight from a field, and it isn’t cure to kill bacteria. What’s more, typical pathogen-killing actions like baking, boiling, heating and also frying aren’t taken prior to flour is packaged. So if there’s bacteria in the life flour, it’s quiet going to it is in there as soon as you handle it.

Plus, few of the foods that contain life flour — prefer cookie dough — also include raw eggs. Life or undercooked eggs deserve to harbor salmonella bacteria and also potentially cause food poisoning.

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That way eating life cookie dough and also batter for cakes, pancakes, pizza and also other treats isn"t for sure —especially during pregnancy.

What can occur if girlfriend eat life flour as soon as you"re pregnant?

Eating life flour can result in a situation of food poisoning.Symptoms that foodborne disease can vary from human to person, but the CDC claims that eating raw flour can cause the adhering to symptoms (whether you"re expecting or not):
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