In our recent question and also answer, our pharmacist discusses even if it is or no you have the right to take Dayquil with Nyquil.

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Joe asked

Can ns take Nyquil and also Dayquil together?



Short answer: You deserve to take them Nyquil & Dayquil together, but not at the exact same time. In this context, the "sametime" method any time within 4 hrs of one another.

Dayquil Cold & Flu (the most usual version) containsthree active ingredients: acetaminophen, a pain reliever; dextromethorphan, acough suppressant; and also phenylephrine, a decongestant. Phenylephrine is a mildstimulant, and also can do some human being jittery, i m sorry is much less of a problem for daytimeuse. Dayquil does not contain alcohol.

Nyquil Cold & Flu additionally contains three active ingredients:acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and also doxylamine, one antihistamine related to theactive ingredient in Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Doxylamine have the right to make youprofoundly drowsy, so it’s better suited for nighttime use. Nyquil liquid alsocontains 10% alcohol, for this reason one 30 mL dose includes a comparable amount that alcohol asa shoot glass of wine. The liquicaps carry out NOT contain alcohol.

The labeling on both products states no to take much more than 4doses in 24 hours. This is based mainly roughly the paracetamol content, whichis 650 mg every dose of one of two people product (a sheep of either product is 30 mL or 2liquicaps)

Acetaminophen, a really common pain and also fever reducer (foundin Tylenol, for example), is damaged down in the liver after did you do it taken it. Oneof the chemistry it’s broken down right into is toxicity to the liver, however the body hasa procedure for making that non-toxic and getting rid of it. This process, however,has a restricted capacity, and also once that capacity runs out, the toxicity byproductcan develop up and also cause major liver damage (like, transplant-level, in seriouscases).

That limit in a healthy, 150 lb human is about 4000 mg perday of acetaminophen from every sources, consisting of pain relievers, prescriptionproducts, cough/cold/flu medications. Yet for some civilization the limit may belower. To save yourself fine in the clear, It’s ideal to take only the lowestamount necessary, and also stay around 3000 mg/day maximum. If you have actually liverimpairment or chronic diseases, speak to your doctor before using acetaminophenin any amount.

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Four sheep of Dayquil or Nyquil would supply 2600 mg ofacetaminophen per day, for this reason you can see how easily your daily dose to add up. Youdon’t need to be afraid of the drug, yet you do need to be smart and also read yourlabels for all your medications. Youshould also avoid drinking greatly (or ideally, in ~ all) when usingacetaminophen, an interpretation more 보다 2 drinks/day because that men, 1 drink/day for women.

There you have actually it. A an excellent place to start if you desire to useboth products might be two doses the Dayquil and one sheep of Nyquil daily. Ifyou need added relief, you might instead take it 3 doses of Dayquil, 1 doseof Nyquil, or two and two…whatever help you avoid nighttime sleeplessness ordaytime drowsiness. Simply be certain to constantly wait at least 4 hours between anydose of this products. Thanks for her question!

PS: If you’re acquisition the fluid form, usage the dosing cup to measure up 30 mL. Your cereal spoon is notaccurate!