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Why go an SRS irradiate fail a Virginia State Inspection? If you have an air bag irradiate or SRS irradiate lit on your dash it means a vehicle sensor has actually detected a problem. As soon as that light is displayed there is a great chance if you’re involved in a collision the wait bags will not deploy.

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When any kind of dash lights are lit that is a result of a car sensor detecting a trouble or adjust from computerized component within the vehicle. Many frequently seen dash lights encompass Tire Pressure, inspect Engine, and also Gas. Plenty of times a light is telling you to do simple maintenance like an oil change or to fill up with gas. Frequently after a maintenance organization or repair the light will certainly go away since the “problem” the vehicle computer found has to be fixed. Various other times a diagnostic is necessary to determine the difficulty or the vehicle computer requirements reprogramming.

Virginia State investigate is an yearly inspection which calls for the passenger waiting bags to be working properly as well as many other car systems. Click here to review a finish list of inspection items.

The Titan Auto & tire Team is right here to help…. Email us v questions about your Virginia State Inspections or schedule your inspection today.

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John McIntosh says:

Hello,I to be in a bind. I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla S that has actually an airbag recall. Toyota’s current an approach of resolving the issue is to disconnect the front passenger airbag and also not enable anyone to sit in the former passenger seat. They space doing this due to the fact that the component the dealerships need is on back order and also my auto won’t be able to be fixed for another 8 months. I was wonder if i would be able to pass inspection since Toyota would be able to fix my automobile properly throughout the year that the inspection sticker would last. This is my only car and also I don’t drive v other world in mine car. Give thanks to you.