Is it feasible to acquire pregnant from being fingered? You can not think so, but the answer is fairly surprising. Here"s everything you need to know around getting pregnant from gift fingered, and also how to avoid it indigenous happening.

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Getting pregnant can absolutely be unpredictable, and also there room some surprising methods to gain pregnant that you might not have actually thought about before. So, if you"re wondering whether it"s feasible to gain pregnant from being fingered, this is what you should know.

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Can you gain pregnant from being fingered?

The quick answer is: yes.

If friend or her partner have semen or pre-ejaculate on her fingers and also then touch your vagina, climate it"s feasible for part sperm to acquire into her vagina and also for friend to acquire pregnant.

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However, the NHS states that the hazard of acquiring pregnant in this method is really low, since sperm deserve to only live external the body for a brief amount of time. Still, the doesn"t mean it"s impossible.

As well as sperm entering her vagina native yours or her partner"s fingers, the NHS additionally adds that it"s feasible to acquire pregnant if your partner ejaculates near your vagina, or if their erect cock comes into contact with your body near your vagina.

So, if friend don"t desire to obtain pregnant, it"s important to be aware of any kind of semen comes into call with your body, even if not through penetrative sex.

It"s difficult to obtain pregnant from gift fingered with fully clean hands, though. And it"s good practice to constantly wash your hands before touching your very own or who else"s genitals anyway, together it to reduce the threat of infection.

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It may be a slim mood-killer, yet it"s much better than an undesirable pregnancy or UTI, so constantly wash her hands prior to getting intimate; alone or with a partner.


If you"re top top contraception, it"s much less likely the you"ll gain pregnant from penetrative sex or from being fingered.

Different forms of hormone contraception incorporate the pill, the implant, the injection, the contraceptive patch, a vaginal ring, and also the hormone coil. The copper coil is likewise a non-hormonal option.

If you"re having penetrative sex then a barrier an approach like a condom or diaphragm (or cap) will certainly also aid to protect against pregnancy.

Emergency contraception

If you"re not on any type of kind of contraception and you think semen has actually come into call with her vagina, from your partner"s finger or in another way, then you can use emergency contraception.

You can take the "morning after pill" together emergency contraception, or friend can likewise have the copper coil put as emergency contraception.

However, inspect with your doctor or pharmacist when obtaining emergency contraception, as the lot of time that"s passed due to the fact that you had actually sex (or came into contact with semen) will identify its effectiveness.

Both contraception and emergency contraception are obtainable for free on the NHS.

You deserve to find much more information on various ways girlfriend can gain pregnant (even if friend don"t think it"s possible) here.

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What space the early signs that pregnancy?

If girlfriend think part semen may have actually come into contact with her vagina v being fingered (or otherwise), and you"re not certain whether you"re pregnant, climate you can want to look out for few of the really at an early stage signs that pregnancy.

It"s feasible to experience beforehand pregnancy symptoms in the first few days or weeks ~ conceiving, and before a let go period. These can include:

Period-type pains (but no period)PMS (cramping, bloating, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, feeling overly emotional)Brown dischargeWhite dischargeSpottingSore, soft or tingling breastsA metallic taste in her mouthTirednessNausea and also sickness

You can find out more about the early signs of pregnant here.

Of course, the best method to know you"re pregnant for details is to take a pregnancy test.

When to take it a pregnant test

You"ll ideally want to take it a pregnant test from the very first day of her missed period. Some contemporary pregnancy tests case to offer accurate results prior to your period is due, however waiting till you"ve to let go your period will usually provide you the most reliable answer.

Find an ext information on exactly how soon you deserve to take a pregnant test here.

Use one ovulation check kit to determine your most abundant days therefore you know whether there"s high or low possibility you"ll gain pregnant ~ above a particular day. This ovulation check kit from ClearBlue adjusts every time you test according come your distinctive hormone profile. That comes as a collection of 20 through one digital holder and also it"s available here at Amazon.