At Prestone UK, we recommend checking her coolant/antifreeze at the very least every 2 weeks, depending upon the amount of driving you do. A to work cooling mechanism is crucial to the continuous performance and also health of her car’s engine, for this reason it’s important to make sure the coolant/antifreeze level never ever drops listed below the minimum fill line significant on the reservoir.

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Here, we answer several of the most common questions request by those topping increase coolant/antifreeze because that the very first time, including:

What walk the cooling device do?

The cooling system is designed come remove warmth from the engine and keep it running at the appropriate temperature. The mechanism comprises the a radiator, fan and also hoses which run roughly the engine block, enabling the coolant/antifreeze to absorb warm from every component of the engine.

This warmth is then dispelled in the radiator many thanks to the volume of cold air coming in with the former grille and also fan, and also the liquid recirculated to absorb an ext heat. As the process is continuous, this ensures the the engine is always running in ~ the exactly temperature.

How do I determine my car’s coolant/antifreeze reservoir?

Your car’s coolant/antifreeze reservoir must be easy to determine by its coloured lid, with many cars having a yellow coolant/antifreeze cap. You’ll probably uncover that there’s a warning price on the cap too, i m sorry highlights the hazard of unscrewing the cap once the engine is running or hot.


Can I put water in the car’s radiator?

Water have the right to be included to the cooling system, yet only together a last will to assist you get home if the engine is overheating. Water lacks the antifreeze and corrosion-inhibiting properties of specially arisen coolant/antifreeze, so girlfriend shouldn’t drive with just water in the cooling device for much longer than crucial – especially if girlfriend live in a cold climate where the water can freeze in the system, bring about a whole selection of problems.

How long does that take because that a radiator to cool down?

This relies on exactly how long you’ve been driving for and also at what sort of speed. If you’ve only popped the end on a quick drive in town, the radiator won’t be all that warm at all, and should cool down within 20 to 30 minutes.

However, if you’ve to be gunning that on the motorway, you deserve to expect come wait approximately an hour for the radiator to cool down sufficient for it to be for sure to handle. Obviously, this times will differ depending upon the temperature outside, through radiators taking much longer to cool in summer 보다 winter.

If you need to replace your coolant completely, you can likewise use Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze because that this. Read exactly how to here.

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