Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potatoes?

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French fries, tater tots, and more: Potatoes make their way into lots of very delicious recipes – and also they can be a healthy part of ours diet!

But what about cavies? can you provide a guinea pig potatoes? can a cavy eat potato vines?

The fast answer is “no.” potato shouldn’t it is in on her cavy’s menu.

In instance you’re wonder why potatoes room toxic come guinea pigs, we’ve obtained the answers, plus more insight right into healthy, natural snacks to market your pet instead. Keep analysis to discover all about potatoes for guinea pigs.

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Potato Nutrition Stats

Lots of junk foods are made with potatoes and also this is component of the factor why this tuber it s okay such bad press. The reality is that potatoes deserve to be an excellent for girlfriend so lengthy as they’re eaten with the skin intact, and also without a ton the fatty, braided additives.

One medium-sized potato with skin provides about:

160 calories37 g carbohydrates8 g fiber3 g protein.2 g fat

Potato Nutritional Facts


Just prefer guinea pigs, we humans can’t synthesize our own vitamin C – so we need lots of it. Even though cavies can’t have actually these tubers, there’s a bit of great new for us: Potatoes have a tiny bit the this nutrient, in addition to several others.

That very same medium-sized potato v skin provides:

3 IU vitamin A5 mg vitamin C.1 mg vitamin E5 mcg vitamin K.1 mg thiamine.1 mg riboflavin4 mg niacin4 mcg folate.5 mg vitamin B69 mg calcium9 mg iron4 mg magnesium121 mg phosphorus926 mg potassium.6 mg zinc.4 mg manganese

Can Guinea Pigs have Potatoes?

Even despite they’re chock-full of essential nutrients, potatoes are a large no-no because that guinea pigs. For one, they’re a source of starchy carbohydrates, which yes, really shouldn’t it is in on your cavy’s menu.

Secondly, potato contain high concentration of alkaloids that room toxic come guinea pigs. Our person digestive system have the right to handle these alkaloids, but a cavy’s digestion is far an ext sensitive and also cannot process them.

Are Potatoes great For Guinea Pigs?

Even despite potatoes deserve to be an excellent for you, they’re not at all good for her guinea pig. In fact, if a guinea pig eats potato, yes a high hazard of serious condition or even death.

Do Guinea Pigs favor Potatoes?

We never want to put our cavies at threat (and us don’t desire you to placed your pet in ~ risk, either!) so we’ve never ever tried feeding potato to our guinea pigs. That as simple as that. Since potatoes are among the most toxic foods guinea pigs could ever consume, you have to not offer them to your pet in any form.

How lot Potato deserve to A Guinea Pig Eat?


In instance you’re scrolling through and also haven’t viewed our previous advice yet, here’s just how much potato to offer a guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pigNone

What if you’ve accidentally given potato to her guinea pig?

It relies on just how much potato her cavy has consumed, and also which part of the potato plant to be eaten.

We recommend monitoring your pet for indicators of illness and also contacting her vet immediately. Watch because that diarrhea and also abnormal actions for at the very least 24 hours after a guinea pig by chance eats potato.

How regularly Can A Guinea Pig Eat Potatoes?

Never! even though her cavy can eat potato if you available it to them (again, don’t try it!) they should never consume this details veggie.

The correct Diet is Important

So, what deserve to you provide your guinea pig rather of potatoes?

There are tons of great options. First, stop talk around the mainstays. Since guinea pigs space herbivores through a very particular natural diet that consists mostly the grasses and also other leafy, low-lying tree that prosper within easy reach, it’s necessary to mimic those essentials.

Here’s a fast guide to feeding your guinea pig the best way:

Guinea pigs require fresh food every day. Offer your pet around one cup of new leafy greens with a couple of other crunchy eco-friendly veggies, break-up into two or three different servings if possible. New treats – i.e. Vibrant fruits and also veggies – can be a healthy part of her guinea pig’s diet.

What Are other Healthy options To potatoes In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


Guinea pigs can’t have potatoes, yet there are tons of other options to consider when deciding top top healthy, organic treats.

Here’s a list of part veggies guinea pigs prefer best:

artichokebasilcilantromintparsleyasparagusgreen beanscarrotcarrot topsbroccolibroccolinicucumberbell pepperzucchinisummer squashtomatoromainebeetsbeet topsarugulaswiss chardspinachendiveescarolecabbagebutter lettucebuttercrunch lettucebibb lettucerocketcabbageparsnippumpkinsweet potatocauliflowerbrussels sproutsbok choyyu choywatercress

Although you have to never give your guinea pig potatoes – also in little quantities – there are so plenty of other treats they’ll enjoy!

Remember to execute a tiny bit of study whenever she thinking around offering your cavy miscellaneous new. You’ll discover if the article is safe, plus you’ll uncover out exactly how much come give and also how often to market it.

One point is because that sure: A well balanced diet and healthy treats are crucial to keeping your guinea pig healthy and happy!

Frequently inquiry Questions

Are potatoes safe for guinea pigs?

No. Potatoes are toxic come guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat potato peels?

No. Potato peels are toxic come guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs have actually potato vines?

No. Potato vines are toxic and also should not be fed to guinea pigs.

Can my guinea pig eat potato sprouts?

Potato sprouts kind where a potato’s eyes are located. These are very toxic. In fact, human beings shouldn’t eat these sprouts either.

Can guinea pigs eat small potatoes?

Cooking potatoes makes them for sure for humans to eat however guinea pigs can not digest cooked food. This method that the answer is quiet no. Guinea pigs can’t have baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, or any type of other form of cooked potatoes.

Can guinea pigs eat potato chips?

No. Potato chips save fat, starch, and lots of salt, to add they’re made with potatoes, i beg your pardon aren’t safe for cavies. Never give potato chips to a guinea pig as they can cause serious illness.

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Can guinea pigs eat French fries?

No. Never offer French fries to a guinea pig. Not only are potatoes toxic to guinea pigs, the salt and also fat in French fries aren’t good for your guinea pig. French fries will certainly make a cavy really sick.