The phrase 'tree rise lions' appears a small bizarre come those who have actually never viewed this inexplicable behaviour. Also seasoned animal behaviorists agree the lions space not evolutionarily adjusted to range trees and perch atop branches. In fact, this phenomenon is therefore rare the there are only two documented populations the tree climbing lions top top the planet have been noted.

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While a leopard sleeping lazily in the treetops is a common sight on safari in the bush, this strange behaviour displayed by lions has actually been the topic of interest and wonder.


Where to watch this behaviour

One of such group of rebel lions is uncovered tucked deep in Queen Elizabeth nationwide Park in Ishasha, western Uganda. The other population of the elusive tree-climbing lions have the right to be spotted around Tarangire nationwide Park andLake Manyara nationwide Parkin southern Tanzania. Both that this countries are in east Africa, return there have actually been a couple of sightings top top a south Africa safari of the lions in Kruger nationwide Park exhibiting a comparable affinity towards tree.

What the specialists say

Lions are thought to rise trees as a behavioral adaptation to protecting themselves from the continuous irritation the insect bites while lazing ~ above the floor under trees. Some pet behaviorists claim that this lions have perfected the art of rise trees as a method of escaping the sweltering warm onground level. This way, they deserve to enjoy a cool breeze and blissful nap without worrying around the happenings ~ above the ground. Moreover, this place is fantastic vantage allude from i m sorry to watch the movement of food as they cross the plains in search of grazing opportunities and also water.


Credit: Sanctuary Swala Camp

While lions room not physically adjusted to climb trees, these distinct groups have been able to grasp this ability over time and teach their young to execute the same; a great example of learned behaviour together opposed to natural instinct. Lions can weigh between 250 to 400 pounds therefore it’s no basic feat come lug your bodies up such an excellent heights.

See it because that yourself

A visit come Lake Manyara Park in Tanzania or Ishasha In Uganda will certainly not just reward you with the scenic views of the picturesque landscape but likewise with a possibility to stumble top top the populace of the outstanding tree-climbing lions. For example, in Ishasha, the lions can be watched atop huge fig tree branches together they keenly a herd the peacefully grazing antelopes, gazelles, and impalas. These herbivores kind the key prey of these tree-loving lions.

If you're lucky enough, you may record the rare spectacle of a lion gingerly and carefully moving approximately a tree branch prior to pouncing top top the ground. The awkward, practically unnatural hesitance which it exhibits is in sharp comparison to the flawless agility and ease that a leopard's activities demonstrate.

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Whether this lions pick to climb the tree to acquire a panoramic check out of the surrounding escarpments or do so to avoid the wake up from soil level bugs such together the tsetse flies, one thing remains clear. The art of properly scaling tree - specifically for older lions - calls because that a measure up of effort, consistent practice and excellent arboreal mastery. Fortunately, like any skill the is tough to perfect, the an ext these lions climb the trees, the much more adept they become at it.