Having dental tension is very common and fully normal, however your anxiety might be a little higher if she a marijuana user that likes to smoke weed.

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The legalization of cannabis has enabled marijuana enthusiasm to use weed an ext freely for its recreational and health effects, yet at the very same time, a most them are still uncomfortable as soon as it pertains to discussing their weed habits with your dentists. So, that course, there is the question of deserve to a dentist call if you perform drugs.

To have the ability to answer this question, we should look in ~ the relationship in between smoking weed and also oral health. If tobacco smoke is well-known to contain part carcinogens and also other compounds the cause negative effects, weed exhilaration is much less talked-about.

So, let’s view what impacts smoking pot has on oral health and also what it says around your usage of weed.


How Does smoking Weed impact Your oral Health?

Knowing how smoking tobacco affects dental health, it’s common to wonder if smoking pot likewise has any type of adverse impacts on dental wellness as well. While three use has long to be affirmed as beneficial for countless health issues, smoking cigarettes marijuana is also associated through periodontal troubles like gum disease and inflammation.

Xerostomia or Cottonmouth

Xerostomia, additionally commonly referred to as cottonmouth, is a very well-known side impact that cannabis customers experience. Follow to a 2006 research, the key contributor come these impacts is THC, the key psychoactive component in weed.

THC is known to communicate with the body’s cannabinoid receptor which are connected in many an important processes in the body. Among them is the manufacturing of saliva in the submandibular gland. By binding to this receptors, THC inhibits saliva manufacturing which can reason many issues, including cottonmouth.

Tooth Enamel Damage

Similar come tobacco, weed smoke deserve to lead come yellowing and also discoloration that teeth. With long-term use, the smoke have the right to stain the tooth enamel and even reason gradual dental erosion. This damage of the this enamel is due to the boosted acidity in the mouth which leads to demineralization, which is the lose of minerals from the enamel.

Gum Disease

Saliva is an essential not only for the digestion process, however it likewise helps to fight the build-up of bacteria in the mouth the cause poor breath and also gingivitis. (Keboa et al, 2020) as soon as the mouth gets dry often because of cannabis, it permits for bacteria to easily multiply and also increase the danger of gum condition and inflammation.

Additionally, the high temperature that the weed acting can also irritate the gums and make them an ext sensitive, and also it can cause them come bleed much more easily throughout brushing and also flossing.

Increased Cavities

Smoking cannabis may boost your danger of obtaining cavities more often because of the mix of boosted bacteria levels because of mouth dryness and the result demineralization the the this enamel, i m sorry is the protective surface layer of teeth.

What’s more, due to the fact that marijuana use rises your appetite, you’ll discover yourself snacking much more often and reaching for an ext sugary foodstuffs which have the right to increase the level of acidity in her mouth.

Oral Hygiene maintain Tips because that Weed Smokers

Knowing about the an unfavorable effects of weed acting on oral health, it’s essential to take measures towards to reduce this impact. Some world switch to vaping, yet there’s no proof that it’s much better for oral wellness than weed smoke.

Developing great oral health habits will safeguard your teeth and also gum tissue in the long run while enabling you to continue enjoying weed in your preferred means of consumption.

Here space some tips on dental treatment that can assist you along the method – few of them space pretty basic, but all of them an unified together is what will make the difference.

Floss daily – us all know how necessary brushing your this twice a job is, but when it concerns flossing, countless of united state can happen to skip a day or two. When you smoke marijuana you’re at an raised risk of emerging gum disease, i m sorry is why you have to be diligent through flossing as well. Shot not come skip any days and be gentle through your gums so as to avoid unnecessary bleeding. You can additionally rinse v a mouthwash afterward, i beg your pardon will help to remove any kind of remaining sticky film ~ above the teeth;Drink water – staying hydrated is among the ideal things you have the right to do for your body, not just for your as whole health yet it’ll also help with the unpleasant sensation of having actually a dried mouth;Use chewing gum – Chewing gum is great for regulating cottonmouth since it stimulates the salient glands to produce much more saliva. Saliva is essential for the remineralization the teeth and also to protect them indigenous cavities and gum disease;Most importantly, get dental check-ups often – Seriously, don’t skip them, in spite of the anxiety and unpleasantness. Perform your yearly professional cleaning and also any various other interventions you need to get done. The sooner you address a dentist problem, the better, and also it’ll be worth it in the lengthy run. If friend can, stop from smoking cigarettes weed shortly prior to your dental meeting to avoid any type of drug interactions.

Finally, will certainly Your Dentist recognize that you’ve Been smoking Weed?

Considering all that’s composed above, the state of your oral health and wellness as a weed smoker might not it is in much various than that of a tobacco smoker. That said, uneven you walk to her dentist appointment smelling that weed smoke, her dentist is unlikely to have the ability to tell what type of smoker girlfriend are.

Additionally, if friend make an initiative to be an extremely diligent v your oral hygiene – usage fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly, watch what friend eat, hydrate, and also go because that check-ups on regular basis – you’ll hardly have actually any much more dental troubles than the following person.

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Ultimately, it every comes under to just how you care about your dental health and also what you perform to protect your teeth and gums.