There’s a typical misconception among bearded dragon owners, and also that is that our lover reptiles can munch on pretty lot anything us eat, but this couldn’t be more wrong. Today’s post, however, is only around strawberries…you need to start somewhere.

Bearded dragons have the right to eat strawberries as long as castle are only served together a treat. . Strawberries must only it is in fed to dragons in small portions and also from time come time.

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Specifically, feeding strawberries once or twice a main is taken into consideration to it is in safe.

Apart from that, I’ll likewise cover some other related questions at the finish of this article, for this reason make certain you stick through me it rotates the end. Let’s gain started.


Nutrition In Strawberries

Here’s what you’ll find in 100 Grams of raw Strawberries:

Nutrients in StrawberriesAmount
Vitamin C58.8mg/100g
Vitamin A12 IU
Ca:P Ratio1:1.5

Source: USDA national Nutrient Database

To go even further, let’s take a closer watch at some of the most necessary NUTRIENTS discovered in strawberries.

Due come the truth that strawberry are very high in water<91%>, their carb content is really low, definition that strawberry feeding must not command to big spikes in blood street levels in mustache dragons.

Strawberries also contain dietary fibers, which deserve to improve the cradle system, help with weight lose in fat dragons, and likewise have the capacity to prevent countless other diseases.

As for vitamins, strawberries space a RICH source of vitamin C, manganese, B9 and Potassium. Vitamin C, however, has a very important duty as it has actually the capacity to combine the immune system and improve skin health.

The Ca:P proportion is decent in strawberries taking into consideration that lock fruits and also should just be offered as a treat.

Can Bearded dragon Eat Strawberries?

Bearded Dragons deserve to eat strawberries. In fact, strawberries make a an excellent treat because that bearded dragons. Strawberries space packed v a variety of important vitamins and also minerals together a Vitamin C, A, and Magnesium.

As I always like come say, every pet is different, and also so the yours. Currently that you understand that mustache dragons have the right to eat strawberries doesn’t imply that he will certainly LOVE the taste and start munching it as shortly as you provide it to him.

Some dragons space NOT therefore fond of fruit while some various other LOVE them. It’s completely natural.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Bearded Dragons deserve to eat strawberry leaves. In fact, strawberry leaves are infused with antioxidants i m sorry can aid treat diarrhea or vascular diseases. Personally, I’ve never heard or check out of any harmful effect strawberry leaves might have had in bearded dragons.

This does NOT crucial imply the you can provide him strawberry leaves on a daily basis. You should stick to his key diet and also only offer him strawberry leaves as soon as in a while and also in minimal portion.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Strawberry Tops?

Bearded Dragons have the right to eat strawberry tops together well. In fact, included to their salad, strawberry tops will boost the nutritional worth of the meal. Strawberry tops need to be served in moderation together well.

Strawberry tops are a great addition to her dragon’s diet, when contrasted to the really fruit. The street content current in top is in reality lower, but at the same time, the fiber and Vitamin C is prominent.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Strawberry Jam?

Bearded Dragons cannot eat strawberry jam. Girlfriend should certainly NOT feed strawberry jam or any type of jam to her bearded dragon as there is far TOO lot sugar in this food item.

Bearded dragons have actually a sensitive digestive system, definition you CAN’T simply throw any form of food at them, specifically something together sweet together the jam. To lot sugar in their diet have the right to lead to serious health and wellness issues.

Having a well balanced diet is an extremely important. Fail to execute so will expose your pet come a selection of health and wellness diseases. In fact, according to the veterinarians at VeterinaryPartner, an imbalanced diet is the main reason for which moustache Dragons experience from fat Liver Disease, among the most common diseases in mustache dragons.

Here’s an article called fatty Liver disease in Reptiles released a while earlier by the vets at VeterinaryPartner. Make certain to examine that out if you need an ext proof or wish to understand just how to far better care for your reptile pet.

Can Bearded dragon Eat Strawberry Seeds?

Bearded Dragons can eat strawberry seeds. It’s alright if her dragon munch top top the strawberry together with its seeds. The seeds found in strawberry are really tiny and SOFT, for this reason bearded dragon can conveniently feed ~ above them.

However, they can not eat too plenty of of them at one time as that may bring about serious stomach issues. Lastly, you’re an excellent to go as lengthy as you nothing feed her dragon with poor seeds such as apples seeds or watermelon seeds.

These are means TOO big for mustache dragons and also may attitude a chocking danger or significant digestive issues.


Generally taken into consideration nutritionally poor for mustache dragons, fruits should NOT consist of a large portion of their diet. In fact, fruits must ONLY comprise around 5 to 10% of her dragon’s diet, and that percent only applies to adult dragons.

If girlfriend need an ext data to earlier this up, take a look in ~ the vets from VCA Hospitals. These guys added strawberries ~ above their height 5 List fruit to be Fed come Bearded Dragons. Through that being said, let’s watch what are several of the services of consisting of strawberries in your beardie’s diet:

Reduces Inflammation: according to this write-up called The 13 many Anti-Inflammatory foods You have the right to Eat by, strawberry contain a high number of antioxidants which can have anti-inflammatory effects, avoid the hazard of diseases, and also lower levels of details inflammatory markers.

Blood sugar Regulation: top top a last note, strawberries, once nicely added to your dragon’s diet, can additionally slow down glucose digestion, stop constipation, and keep her dragon joyful and also healthy.


You know what’s the finest part? every these feasible concerns and diseases are basic to protect against if friend remember to feed your dragon fruits in moderation. Stop dive best in and also see few of the possible bad outcomes and how to nicely avoid them.

Metabolic Bone Disease: Strawberries have a phosphorus to calcium ratio. In fact, the phosphorus to calcium ratio, follow to a study performed by Robert D. Ness native Ness Exotic Wellness facility is 1.3 come 1.

It is known that bearded dragon need an ext calcium 보다 phosphorus in their day-to-day diet. Fail in doing so can an outcome in your bearded dragon enduring from pains illnesses such together the Metabolic Bone disease .

One point bearded dragon owners must do is make sure their beloved pet receives sufficient calcium indigenous their everyday meals, and also if NOT, calcium supplementation is a good solution to ensure suitable levels that calcium.

Digestion Issues: Like most fruits do, strawberries have actually a high content of sugar. TOO much sugar deserve to lead to obesity, dehydration, digestion problems, diarrhea, which deserve to further build into more serious issues.

Feeding a mustache dragon too much sugar for prolonged periods that time can lead come serious health issues. This is an articled released by the vets at, discussing what are few of the main reasons of diarrhea in mustache dragons.

Tooth Decay: This can additionally happen due to the high amounts of sugar uncovered in strawberries. Making certain your dragon obtain the best amount the calcium, which is responsible for suitable bone advance and tooth stamin is crucial.

How often Can Bearded dragon Eat Strawberries?

By now should already now that feeding her dragon strawberry every day is the end of the question. Assuming we’re both ~ above the same page here, how regularly can you do it?

Well, from my experience I would say that feeding your beardie strawberries once or double a week is safe as long as you serve him a SMALL part of strawberries.

How come Prepare Strawberries for a mustache Dragon

One that the most essential things you should keep one eye on right here is making certain the fruit you serve to your dragon space pesticide and herbicide FREE. This is an article from PetMD ~ above the prominence of serving bearded dragons only herbicide and pesticide complimentary fruits.

Choose part SOFT, JUICY, and also EASY come EAT strawberries.Clean them properly.Cut the strawberries in little pieces. Preferably in 2 come 4 piece so the your dragon have the right to munch on them easily.Put castle on a bowl and also serve it to your dragon.


As you deserve to see bearded dragons can SAFELY eat strawberries as long as friend ensure you offer them in moderation. Fresh and also ripe fruits are likewise a better option. Here’s a an introduction of what we’ve covered in today’s post:

Bearded dragons can eat strawberries, strawberry leaves, strawberry top or strawberry seeds but they can NOT eat dried strawberries and also strawberry jam.

Related Questions

Can Bearded dragon Eat Dried Strawberries? Bearded dragons cannot and also should no be fed dried strawberries. In fact, dried fruit is no an option for moustache dragons together these fruits have higher content of sugar in it. I genuinely believe that a dragon’s diet must consist the 99% new foods.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Blackberries? moustache dragons can SAFELY feed on Blackberries but only occasionally. They room SOFT and also EASY come chew. Additionally, you deserve to add tiny pieces of lock over your beardie’s salad and boost the nutritional value of that is meal.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Cherries? bearded dragons will certainly happily feeding on Cherries. However, feeding in moderation is advised together Cherries, like most fruits, have actually a HIGH content of sugar and fruit acid, which deserve to further cause serious cradle illnesses.

Can Bearded dragons Eat Blueberries? bearded dragons deserve to eat Blueberries yet only fed in moderation. Stop feeding your dragon frozen or unwashed blueberries together they often contain preventive or pesticide which can make her dragon ill.

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Can Bearded dragons Eat Cranberries? bearded dragons deserve to eat Cranberries yet only occasionally. The reason Cranberries must NOT be offered too regularly is as result of their high contents of fiber and also the phosphorus to calcium ratio.


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