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Written by Rawan Ashraf, brandon frederick, YitingHai

The protagonist, John, starts out by introducing his village. He states that their civilization could go everywhere in the town except east because that is wherein the forbidden ar is. They call it the Dead Places, and only priests or young of priests deserve to go there trying to find metal. Then he claims that that is a priest and also a kid of a priest, and describes the job his father went with him in find for metal. When John touched the steel dauntlessly, he came to be the priest. Later, the was permitted to go to the Dead Places and get steel alone.

John constantly wanted come have more knowledge, therefore he always asked himself questions and also looked for their answers. He then planned to go to the place of Gods, but before going he take it permission indigenous his dad who, after ~ a long time the thinking, agreed. However, his father warned that of the threats that could await that there. The told his father the he dreamed of this place and decided the it to be time to walk there.

He began his journey at an early stage in the morning, fasting, and waiting for any kind of sign the assured him the the right place to go was east. 3 signs appeared after each other and John determined to go. He came down on the river and also was fear to continue. However, he chose to continue. He made a raft and also began to cross the river, singing his fatality song. He come safely and started explicate it together a beautiful place. He claimed that many of what the people and the clergymans say about the ar of god is not true. For instance, it is no a place complete of fog and also enchantments as they said. Yet it was full of ruins and also destroyed buildings. The great Burning still had actually its effect on the place. John saw a statue with the name UBTREAS sculpted on it and also another one through the name ASHING. He did not understand what they meant yet decided to pray to the god ASHING. He climate wandered and ate the foods of the Gods that were in ‘enchanted boxes and also jars’, and also then slept in among the houses.

He visited a huge house and also saw a locked door and also thought that is opened up by a magic word. He explained the home he went as a an extremely rich house, complete of an useful items. The guessed the the god that lived over there was an extremely powerful. As he walked, he always wanted to increase his knowledge, to finish the burn of expertise in him. He climate slept once the night fell. Suddenly, he woke up in his dream to see lights all over in the location of gods, and he saw the place alive again in his dreams. He observed the gods and saw motion everywhere. He experienced them in the river and in the air. The buildings were not ruined. The ar was beautiful. Then abruptly fire fell from the sky and also the great Burning occurred, killing every one of the gods and destroying many of their buildings.

The dream make John gain everything about the place of Gods. That knew the after all, castle were no Gods, they were men and this to be a typical city long earlier until a disaster damaged it. Man was not scared anymore. The told his father around it all.

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