Burger King has quietly bolstered its flame Grilled Burgers lineup v the start of the Texas twin Whopper in ~ participating areas nationwide.

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The Texas dual Whopper comes through two quarter-pound savory flame-grilled patties topped with melty American cheese, thick-cut exhilaration bacon, sliced jalapeños, ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, sliced white onions, pickles, creamy mayo, and yellow mustard, all served on a soft sesame particle bun.

It’s similar to the chain’s original Whopper, however with bacon, jalapeños, and yellow mustard rather of ketchup.

While prices may vary by location, my nearest burgess King fees $8.09 because that the Texas double Whopper ~ above its own. Combo meals are likewise available starting at $11.29 (may vary).

Previously only available in choose markets, mostly Texas, the Texas dual Whopper have the right to now be uncovered at participating burgess King restaurants across the country.

Texas dual Whopper Nutrition Facts

1876.6 calories1226.7 calorie from fat136.3 grams the fat51 grams of saturated fat3079.9 milligrams of sodium57.9 grams of carbs13.4 grams that sugar109.7 grams the protein
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