Is the tiny engine on her lawn mower, eye blower or outdoor power devices making according to noises? This FAQ native Briggs & Stratton will assist you determine the problem and also find solutions.

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Backfire is a problem described as a loud bang, poof, explosion, etc., when the engine is to run or while shutting down. Afterfire occurs after the engine has actually been shut off. Note: Backfire and afterfire with the carburetor will certainly not harm the engine in ~ all!

Find the end the many common causes and feasible fixes because that engine backfire and afterfire.

Causes of tiny Engine Backfire & feasible Fixes reasons of little Engine Afterfire & feasible Fixes

Backfire generally occurs when the engine is decelerated rapidly.Common reasons of Backfire:

Lowering engine rate too fastGasoline, which contains greater blends of alcoholCarburetor adjustment set too leanMuffler building and construction can induce backfireHigher than normal engine temperaturesSome carburetors have the right to induce backfire due to the sensitivity of inner transitional passages (This problem cannot be corrected).

Possible Fixes for Backfiring:

Lower engine speed slowlyAdjust carburetor because that optimum performanceInquire with devices manufacturer around increasing wait volume come decrease engine temperature

Afterfire wake up after the engine has been shut off.Common causes of Afterfire:

Shutting off the engine in ~ high RPM, bring about fuel to pump v the engine for ignitionGasoline that contains alcohol has actually a tendency to ignite easier, i beg your pardon can cause afterfireSmall engine muffler form and manufactureCarburetor adjustment might not be properly collection for correct engine performanceAnti-afterfire solenoid might not be functioning properly

Possible Fixes for Afterfire:

Allow the engine come cool by idling the engine under with appropriate speed (15-30 seconds)Change to a different non-alcohol or alcohol brand fuelEnsure suitable carburetor adjustment for optimal engine performanceContact the tools manufacturer because that updated draft in air control baffling, mufflers, etc.Check the anti-afterfire solenoid for proper operation Note: If equipped through an anti-afterfire solenoid, shut engine turn off at full throttle

In any kind of event, your best resource of info would be to top your neighborhood Briggs & Stratton company dealer.

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