There space many possible causes the bradypnea, or bradypnoea, consisting of cardiac problems, medications or drugs, and hormonal imbalances.

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In this article, us take a near look in ~ bradypnea, including the breathing price for it, the causes, and treatment options.

Share top top PinterestA human being who takes less than 12 breaths every minute has bradypnea.
Bradypnea means that a human takes under breaths per minute than is usual because that their period and activity level.

According to experts, the normal and abnormal breathing prices for an adult, in breaths per minute, room as follows:

between 12 and 20 is normalunder 12 is abnormally slowover 25 is abnormally fast

When a person has actually a breathing price of listed below 12 breaths per minute for more than 2 minutes, this argues bradypnea. The mean rate of breath differs in between individuals and also can readjust depending ~ above a person’s age and activity levels.

Bradypnea deserve to cause:


Bradypnea can occur when a person is wake up or asleep. It is different from apnea, i m sorry is a short-lived halt in breathing that is most typical when a human being is sleeping.

Bradypnea is also not the same as hefty or labored breathing, the medical term for which is dyspnea.

Tachypnea is one more separate term that refers to an abnormally fast breathing rate. The symptoms and causes the bradypnea and tachypnea are different.


Bradypnea is a symptom rather than a condition in itself. That can denote an basic physical trouble or health condition, or the may show over-medication.

There room many causes of bradypnea, i beg your pardon include:

Exposure to medicine or toxins

Share on PinterestAlcohol can reason bradypnea.

Various drugs, consisting of alcohol and opioids, can reason an abnormally slow price of breathing.

Bradypnea is one symptom that a drug overdose.

Exposure come poisonous commercial chemicals or dangerous level of carbon monoxide can likewise slow a person’s breathing rate.


Various medicines that medical professionals use during surgery can reason bradypnea, including:

muscle relaxantspostoperative ache treatmentsanesthetics

Hormonal imbalances

People v a problem called hypothyroidism have an underactive thyroid gland that may not develop enough hormone to keep the body metabolism at optimal levels. A slow breathing price can build as a result.

Problems through the brain stem

The process of breathing starts in the brain. The respiratory centers in the lower mind stem and also spinal cord send signals the stimulate the lungs, breathing muscles, and also the rest of the body.

Problems with the brain, such together blood clots, tumors, and brain injuries, deserve to interfere with the brain’s capability to send these signals. This interference may slow under the price of breathing.

Problems with the heart

Due come a connection in between heart rhythm and also breathing rates, anything the interferes with the role of the heart, such together heart fail or love infection, can affect the task of the respiratory device too.

Electrolyte imbalances

Minerals v an electrical charge, referred to as electrolytes, beat a duty in keeping the body’s solution in balance.

Electrolytes encompass potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and also chloride.

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If the proportions of this electrolytes in the blood and also tissue are out of balance, the body does not duty as that should, which could result in abnormally sluggish breathing. Too much or too small water can cause electrolyte imbalances.