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NOTE: This edition attributes the exact same content as the traditional text in a convenient, three-hole-punched, loose-leaf version. Books a la Carte additionally offer a great value; this style costs substantially less than a brand-new textbook. Before purchasing, check with her instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you choose the correct ISBN. Numerous versions that Pearson"s MyLab & Mastering products exist because that each title, including customized versions for individual schools, and also registrations are not transferable. In addition, you might need a course ID, detailed by her instructor, to register for and use Pearson"s MyLab & Mastering products. For courses in introduce Reading.

Proceeds logically indigenous literal understanding to crucial interpretation and also response

Guide come College analysis empowers student by help them construct the skills needed for the diverse reading demands of university courses, and it helps them come become energetic learners and vital thinkers. Organized right into six parts, it guides students from comprehension to application ― through ample opportunity to practice skills and interact with exercises. Guide to university Reading concentrates on the key areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary improvement, and textbook reading; concurrently, that addresses the finding out characteristics, attitudes, and motivational levels of analysis students.

Also accessible with MyReadingLab™

This location is also easily accessible with MyReadingLab, an virtual homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to enhance this text by more engaging students and also improving results. In ~ its structured environment, students exercise what lock learn, test your understanding, and pursue a personalized study plan that helps them build their reading skills ― eventually promoting transference of those skills to college-level work. Crucial exercises and also readings native McWhorter’s text are accessible within MyReadingLab, strengthening the connection in between the classroom and students’ live independence work.

NOTE: You room purchasing a independent product; MyReadingLab does not come packaged with this content. If you would choose to purchase both the physical text and MyReadingLab search for:

013411874X / 9780134118741 guide to university Reading, publications a la Carte Edition plus MyReadingLab through Pearson eText ― accessibility Card Package, 11/e