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This version is sustained by the oft-revisited scene in i m sorry Sebastian appears to Ciel because that the an initial time. We’ve watched so much that Sebastian has boots, hands v fingernails, a jaw and also a sleep in that scene. His mouth and eyes room the only inhuman parts we’ve seen so far. If we assume the Sebastian remained in the kind he thinks of together “himself” as soon as he first appeared to Ciel, climate Sebastian’s true kind is probably virtually human in appearance. Once he “takes a kind befitting the servant of an earl,” that only needs to readjust his eyes, mouth, and also clothes.

The Human+Demon form model is the very same as the person True form model as far as the kind Sebastian wears when he’s v Ciel, with the twist the Sebastian likewise has some other form you’d speak to “demonic.” It’s no usage narrowing under what “demonic” way here, due to the fact that fanfiction writers have explored a huge selection of what a demonic form could watch like. Take your pick. Ns don’t also have to narrow down whether the human kind or demon type is his “true” form, because both sides of the coin have actually been explored together well. (My apologies because that the mixed metaphor.)

What ns like about both these models is that compared to the Meat Puppet model, it’s much easier to imagine Human type Sebastian experiencing sex-related pleasure. (Yes, this will be bio-explicit.)

No matter what model of demon physicality you’re using, Sebastian has an inspiration to pleasure his contract if the will result in their despair. However under the Meat Puppet model, it’s an overwhelming to imagine Sebastian search sex for his very own gratification. The meat puppet is not really component of Sebastian’s true self, so its sensory experiences room not parsed by a brain the same method humans’ are, which explains why that can’t taste food favor Ciel does. If that does not endure taste since his human-like tongue is not linked to a brain like humans’ tongues are, why should he experience orgasm when his human-like prick is not connected to a mind either?

(I guess you can argue against me and also say the we have actually no canon proof that Sebastian has actually a human-like cock, but if you’re trying to push for Eunuch Sebastian Model, you’re already lost, my friend.)

I am no saying the Meat Puppet Sebastian would certainly not be a sex-related creature; I’m simply saying i can’t imagine why he would have actually human-like sex-related urges, if his human form is just a puppet.

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(And let’s it is in honest: it’s fun to read around Sebastian having actually human-like sex-related urges.)

But if the human-like kind we watch is his genuine body and also true form, it’s a safer bet that the type of sexual satisfaction he naturally seeks is similar to human being sexual satisfaction, due to the fact that his human-like sexual organs are really component of him.

So once I review porn, I choose to imagine Sebastian operating under human True form model than under the Meat Puppet model. (Though to it is in fair, I’d run under any type of Sebastian model…)