What would certainly you execute if you had to save your most specifying trait an absolute secret?

Whether we’re embarrassing of our unanticipated assets or simply wish to keep our an individual lives different from our public lives, our hidden features and also talents can be one of two people embarrassing or empowering, a load or useful.

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But for those of us who are enterprising sufficient to usage this an enig for our own an individual gain, life have the right to be sweet duplicity. That’s specifically the case for one man, who resides his days wearing a shirt and working prefer anyone else however spends his nights as “Swirly Dude,” reflecting off his stomach for hundreds of viewers on YouTube.

This guy may just have one the the greatest outie belly buttons in the world.


Source: YouTube/Swirly Dude

The Umbilical Monster

Source: YouTube/Swirly Dude

26-year-old note is your mean businessman from California, yet by night, he masquerades under the sobriquet Swirly Dude.

This moniker derives from Mark’s most distinct asset: his large, outie belly button that shows up to ‘swirl’ in shape. In an interview v UNILAD, note said:

“While my body is fairly average, one thing around my body the has constantly stood the end (literally) is my ship button. Ns remember an initial noticing it was various when i was roughly 8 year old. My friends all had actually innies native what I witnessed at the swimming pool or as soon as they stretched and their shirt rode up. I’d check out their regular looking belly buttons and also then I’d look under at my belly button and also I had actually this umbilical monster attached to me.”

Of Innies and also Outies

Like so countless medical oddities, Swirly Dude’s generous helping of belly button remains a mystery.

“I have no idea why the looks prefer this, and also I nothing think doctors perform either. Civilization often think it’s an umbilical hernia, yet the doctors just say it’s simply a most extra umbilical flesh.

“So like, literally, my umbilical cord is still partially attached. Fortunately, the one inch of umbilical cord go tuck away nicely right into my torso if I push it in. It create a cinnamon roll shape, I call it my ‘swirly’. Yet even this shape was not the ‘normal’ looking belly button that mine friends had so i was rather shy about the whole situation overall.”

But over the years, mark has involved term v his distinctive belly button, and also he’s even uncovered niche communities that are willing to salary to view him play v it. Yes, girlfriend heard that right. If fetishes exist for just around anything, note realized that v hisSwirly Dude YouTube channel, he could actually make money simply by posting cotton videos that his belly button in miscellaneous states of gift tucked in or out and proud.

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“I’ve taken on it as component of mine life,” note said. “Something individualistic that renders me me. And plus, that super fun to induce shock, awe, horror, and amusement from human being all across the globe.”

“Many of mine YouTube viewers fantasize around experiencing mine belly button live. They great they might meet me to poke, bite, lick, or kiss it. Part folks have also expressed interest in gift shrunken down and tucked into my belly button to live forever.

“The wildest request I’ve ever gotten to be for a 30 minute private video of me playing v my belly button with a small bit of moaning. This fan readily available me $100 because that a 15 minute video. After ~ declining, he continued to raise his offer until I operated his bid as much as $500 because that a 30 minute video. I was quite proud the the concept that I’d simply secured a $1,000/hour job.”

If you were in Mark’s situation, wouldn’t you execute the same? $500 for 30 minutes absolutely isn’t a negative deal! and that one viewer wasn’t alone, in the year the Swirly Dude has actually been publication videos, the channel has actually garnered end 170,000 views and also 870 subscribers. It definitely goes to present that there truly is something the end there for everybody!

But note isn’t just in it for the money: “I really simply enjoy making use of my belly switch for an excellent and making the civilization a much more fun, quirky place with it.”

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