How do you clock or carry Betamax tapes to DVD or a digital paper without a vcr

if friend no longer have actually one? They stopped making betamax vcrs years earlier and it’s obtaining harder to discover one in good working condition.

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Betamax tapes start to fade 7-10 years after video is taped on them. With yearly that go by video quality it s okay worse as the video clip information gradually disappears from the tape. The time to convert your videos is now prior to they get any kind of worse.

We convert Betamax to DVD, gold Archival DVDs, CD, blu ray, usb and also digital records including MP4, AVI and also MOV, for modifying or uploading to the web.

What makes our Betamax come DVD and also digital solutions better?

All Betamax move performed in ours studio – faster Service

We never ever send our clients’ household memories abroad or to any kind of other move factory. All video clip transfer orders are done right here in our mountain Diego studio. This permits us to provide a better quality transfer and faster turnaround than most other companies. Many orders space completed in much less than 2 weeks, countless within a couple of days!

Pricing based on actual size of the video

Most transfer services will fee you the exact same price per tape, even if it is your video clip is 2 hrs or 5 minutes. You’ll save with our flexible pricing that is based on the actual size of every tape. Bring in every one of your videos and save even much more with our volume packages.

Digital conversion to MP4, AVI and MOV

Sunray was one of the first companies to provide betamax to digital counter service. After converting your video to MP4, AVI or MOV files, they have the right to be placed onto a USB flash drive or outside hard journey for her convenience.

AVI and MOV records offer the best quality. MP4 documents are much more compact as they are compressed to 1/10 the size of AVI or MOV. AVI and MOV are also far better for modifying purposes must you decision to do that.

Many locations only offer MP4 version of her videos. We sell AVI, MOV and also MP4 layouts for your convenience.

First to transfer video clip to true Archival yellow DVDs

Your family members videos can not be replaced and it’s vital to preserve them as lengthy as possible. That’s the factor we became one the the an initial companies to move Betamax to yellow Archival DVDs. Your 100 year lifespan makes it one of the longest lasting media options available for saving your videos.

Volume level convey option

In instances where the sound is too quiet on the tape, we have the right to raise the volume during the move if you select that option. Most video clip transfer carriers will leaving the volume together it is.

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These are just a couple of of the reasons people choose Sunray video clip for delivering their videos. We’ve noted more reasons below. Very few video transfer services can match the variety, quality and also fast service we provide. Our evaluate say the all.

Bring in her videos this particular day to acquire your complimentary estimate! Or give us a speak to 858-578-4786