just like the various other entries in the series, Kingdom understanding II supplies plenty the keyblades to select from. But which one is the best?

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Kingdom hearts II personalities wielding keyblades
Kingdom understanding II proves to be among the longer gamings in the series. V both Heartless and also Nobodies overrunning every world, Sora and his friends must put in twice as much effort in conserving Kingdom Hearts.

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that course, the video game doesn"t border itself come just much more story or Disney worlds. Sora self gains accessibility to a slew of brand-new combat options, including new Keyblades. While many of these Keyblades are fairly balanced, some outshine the remainder through a combination of stats and also abilities. Regardless of playstyle, these have actually a ton of potential in help Sora drive out the darkness.

10 Hero"s comb Is Basic, yet Effective

Kingdom understanding II Hero
Sora acquires this Keyblade after beating the dreaded Hydra in Olympus Coliseum. This weapon"s focus on physical assault is apparent by its lack of any kind of Magic boost. More specifically, that works wonders for aerial combos, together it deals a more powerful finishing move the much longer the combo is.

Sora deserve to wield the Hero"s Crest normally to decent effect, however it pairs specifically well with master Form"s aerial attacks. Regardless of it being easily accessible early top top in the game, it remains useful throughout.

Kingdom hearts II Sora Roxas hit Oathkeeper Keyblade
~ hearing around Kairi"s figure in Twilight Town, Sora rushes back to look because that her. If she it s okay kidnapped prior to the two have a opportunity to reunite, Sora walk gain accessibility to the Keyblade the represents her: Oathkeeper.

In this game, Oathkeeper maintain its balance the physical and magical power. It also comes v the ability type Boost, which rises the expression of drive Forms. Thanks to its Magic boost, it offer well as a Keyblade to usage in both Wisdom and Master Form.

Kingdom mind II proud Lands Simba Sora Donald
as is obvious by its name, Sora obtains the one of Life Keyblade when visiting the pride Lands. After ~ Simba talks through the ghost the his father, Mufasa, he eagerly joins Sora in confronting the evil Scar.

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The Keyblade chin is much more physically oriented, yet its capacity MP Haste works to gain back expended MP quickly. This is incredibly advantageous during war against solid opponents, together it allows Sora to heal v Cure an ext often. Perhaps that"s an additional reason why its name is "Circle that Life".

Guardian spirit keyblade
once Sora visits Olympus Coliseum a 2nd time, he have to rescue Auron from the clutches that Hades. ~ above his success, players attain the Guardian soul Keyblade. It has actually slightly more power than Hero"s Crest, the other Keyblade native this world.

The Guardian Soul"s ability Reaction rise increases the power of Reaction Commands. Due to the fact that so countless Heartless, Nobodies, and bosses use moves the prompt Reaction Commands, this Keyblade is necessary for make the most out of them. Its cool design is an included bonus.

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Sora has a wider array of abilities in this game compared to the first, and amongst them are powerful finishers. This moves finish the combo with a bang, occasionally quite literally. However, it might be daunting for some players to decision which one come equip.

Luckily, the Rumbling increased is below to help. ~ knocking some sense right into Beast during the 2nd visit come Beast"s Castle, Sora it s okay this wicked-looking weapon. That mighty capability Finishing Plus permits for continuous finishing moves to activate.

This Keyblade serves together a stand-in because that the Lionheart Keyblade native the first game. Similarly, Leon is the one who offers it come Sora after they decision to return to Tron"s world to assist their digital friend.

resting Lion has actually a healthy and balanced balance of Strength and also Magic, though it works better physically. It additionally has a an effective Combo Plus ability which extend ground-based combos through one hit. Paired through Valor form, this Keyblade racks up a many damage really quickly.

returning from the previous game is one more iconic Keyblade. Prefer in the previous title, Oblivion concentrates primarily on physical damage. The drive Boost capability it dead also permits the journey Gauge to fill much faster while the MP meter dues up.

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simply put, every attack done through this dark Keyblade during MP repair will also fill the journey Gauge, allowing Sora to accessibility his drive Forms more quickly. When Oblivion isn"t available until the last components of the game, it i do not care a worthwhile weapon to equip.

numerous of the Keyblades in Kingdom understanding II unlock v story progression. Fenrir, however, is only obtainable after beating an optional boss. And oh boy, what an optional ceo it is.

much like in the very first title, Sora can an obstacle Final Fantasy VII"s Sephiroth come an ultimate check of skill. Need to players ideal this an effective opponent, they obtain Fenrir together a reward. The reduces combo strikes by one hit, however has immense power and reach come compensate. In fact, its stamin stat is the highest amongst all Keyblades in the game.

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The 2nd visit to Halloween Town involves tracking under a mysterious current thief terrorizing Christmas Town. After beating the culprit, Sora obtains the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade.

What renders this Keyblade so an excellent is its impressive Strength stat, alongside the wonderful Combo an increase ability. The much longer Sora"s grounded strike combo lasts, the more powerful the final hit becomes. With enough Combo add to abilities stacked up, Decisive Pumpkin"s finishing hit can deal more damage 보다 some various other setups in the game.

Naturally, the mighty Ultima Weapon stand out as the must-have weapon for countless players. To acquire it, Sora need to synthesize this Keyblade right into existence with the assist of part friendly Moogles.

The Ultima Weapon has superior Strength and also Magic stats, as well as the MP Hastega ability. This transcends the usual MP Haste to do a depleted MP gauge recharge also faster. No issue which Drive kind it"s provided in, Ultima Weapon lives up to its reputation together "the Keyblade over all others".

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