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"Bartender track (Sittin" at a Bar)" is a tune by Rehab. It was released in might 2008 as the third solitary from their 4th album, Graffiti the people (2005). It to be the band"s an initial single to graph on the Billboard warm 100, at #64. The tune originally appeared as "Sittin" at a Bar" on the band"s second album southerly Discomfort in 2000, released by epic Records. The tape were subsequently dropped by epos in 2002, but the song came to be an underground hit top top the internet and on jukeboxes. Rehab were later signed by universal Records, through Avery Lipman (Co-President that Universal) explicate the single as a "viral phenomenon" and also stating the he had signed the band based upon the success of your jukebox airplay,more »

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Bartender ns really did that this timeBroke my special amnesty to have actually a good timeWhen I gained home it was 6 amThe door to be locked so ns kicked the inShe was trippin" ~ above the billsI think she was high on some pillsShe threw mine shit out into the yardThen she referred to as me a bum and also slapped me actual hardAnd in my drunken" stuper i did what i shoulda" never doneAnd now I"m sittin" here, talkin" to you, drunk and also on the runI"m sittin" at a bar on the insideWaitin" for my ride on the outsideShe damaged my love in the trailer parkSo ns jacked the tricks to her f**kin" carCrashed that item of shit and stepped awayYou understand I"ll probably get ten yearsSo just give me beers til" they get hereYeah I understand the sunlight is comin" up and ya"ll are more than likely gettin" ready for closin" upBut I"m tryin" come drown my soul I"m exhausted of this life on a dirt roadAnd everything that ns love is gone and also I"m tired of hangin" onShe got me sittin" in ~ a bar on the inside waitin" because that my ride on the outsideShe stole my love in the trailer park so ns jacked the keys to her f**kin" carCrashed that piece of shit and also stepped awayI guess it was expected to beRomance is miserySo much for memoriesAnd currently I"m headed because that the penitentiarySee me ~ above tvThe next cop collection I am dangerI guess i shoulda" did somethin" "bout mine angerBut I never learnedReal things that don"t issue I to water kerosene ~ above everythingI love to clock it burnYou recognize it"s mine fault yet I wasn"t happy it was overShe threw a to the right so i crashed that piece of shitAnd now I"m goin" back againBack come the pen to watch my friendsAnd as soon as we all pile the end that county vanThey"re gonna asking me wherein I"ve beenI"ve been at a bar ~ above the insideAnd I"m waitin" for my ride on the outsideShe stole my heart in the trailer park so i jacked the keys to her f**kin" carCrashed that piece of shit and also then stepped awayNa Na Na Na Na Na Na Na NaWell I"m sittin" at a bar top top the insideAnd I"m waitin" on my ride top top the outsideYou know I crashed that item of shitAnd then ns stepped awayYeah, ns stepped awayYou recognize I crashed that item of shitAnd then i stepped away...

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Rehab Rehab is an American southern rock, country, and alternate hip hop band. The band has recorded 7 albums, consisting of two each for epos Records and Universal Republic.

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They are mainly recognized for your 2008 hit, "Bartender tune (Sittin" at a Bar)". Much more »