I hooked up a OBDII scanner to mine wife's 2006 GMC Sierra SLE because it had actually a code. The code was P0154 - No activity on O2 Sensor bank 2 Sensor 1.

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I watch the four sensors from under the truck, but....where is financial institution 2 Sensor 1? Is that the driver's side pre-cat O2 sensor, or the passenger's side?


I talked to a neighborhood GMC dealer's parts department, and the guy said that when it says bank X Sensor Y ~ above the OBDII scanner/reader you're using....the X is the cylinder number, and also the Y is....well...we understand what that is.



Is this true? many thanks for your help.

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vortec350 0

Posted may 30, 2009


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Posted might 30, 2009

Bank 2 sensor 1 is passengerside IN prior of cat,furthest one upstream

Bank 1 is driver side

Sensor 1 is upstream and sensor 2 is downstream (after cats)

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jrrod2004 13

Posted may 30, 2009


M. Cueva
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Posted may 30, 2009

This should aid in the visual aid:



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bill190 0

Posted might 30, 2009


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Posted might 30, 2009

I've seen several of these sensors walk "upwards" native the exhaust piping. For this reason if you simply look under the car from the side, you will not view it!


Basically you have to crawl under the vehicle and look in ~ both political parties of the exhaust pipes indigenous underneath.

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