If last week’s cliffhanger left you wanting more, climate tonight’s episode of The Bad girls Club Season 17 fulfills your appetite. Tonight’s episode of BCG concentrates on 24 hours inside the house and also the drama the follows. Make yourself comfortable, pop open up the the very least classy adult beverage about you and also dig in!


Another night of Keyaira and also Sayyora gaining physical.

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Hour 1

Hour 1 in the poor Girls club mansion choose up v Sayyora and Keyaira’s (Key) argument native the former episode. The moment Keyaira throws the drink in Sayyora’s face, the fight is on. Regrettably for Sayyora, she takes an additional “L” if Keyaira continuously lands left hooks. Furthermore, Sayyora is dragged across the floor, very first by Keyaira, and then by security.

I need to commend Sayyora for no backing down from a fight, but this is no a great look because that her, specifically on nationwide television. Fellow bad Girl Francesca finds it s her questioning her ar in the house, musing the she feels favor she’s “in a zoo watching animals attach each other”. Not only do i agree through Francesca, however I discover her explain reminiscent the a particular scene from mean Girls. In the scene, The plastic are presented together wild pets in the jungle and viewing their other peers attack one another for dominance. Kudos Fran!

Hour 2

Out that the seven poor girls in the house, DeShayla is the least memorable the end of every one of them. Not only does she remind me of Jar jug Binks from the prequel Star Films, but her existence dos nothing come elevate the show. Very first and foremost, her storyline is exceptionally boring and her problems with she “boo” ago at home remind me that every other poor girl. Continuously, through the means DeShayla speaks about her relationship, it’s as if she’s intimating the her “boo” is in reality a sugar mama. While the budding huge sister/little sister bond crucial & DeShayla have actually is nice, it smells prefer trouble.

Hour 3

Kiyanna (Kiki) becomes the new target of the girl in the house. Her inability to select sides and constant gravitation in the direction of Sayyora rubs crucial the not correct way. How many of us have been in situations where you have actually two friends that don’t obtain along and also you’re required to pick a side. It’s an horrible feeling and I know Kiki’s mindset towards the situation. Regrettably, Kiki is in the poor Girls club house and also she will must pick a next eventually.

Hour 10

The present brings us to hour 10, presumably as result of the girl’s inactivity for seven hrs (whether they to be passed out rock cold or nothing amazing happened between hour 3 and also hour 10). Luckily for the audience, vital and Susan link up mentioning the previous situations. Over there is a common understanding in between the two. They realize they require each other an ext than lock think lock do. This does not bode well because that Kik’s connection with vital however.

By and also large, this is the critical time the episode focuses on DeShayla and her boo as part of the episode plot. DeShayla’s boo calls she “childish” and a screaming enhance ensues over the phone. Clearly these girls have not learned from past actors members don’t go into the season v relationships in ~ home. Your relationship is doomed the 2nd you step foot in the mansion. An additional BGC actors member has their partnership bite the proverbial dust.

Hour 11

If there is one point the producer love about their cast, the is the cast’s willingness to talk around anything. For example, Seven states she loves getting her butthole waxed, in addition to stripping her vagina of all the hair it has. All ns ask is that the producer of negative Girls club flash the audience a warning or alert that these subject arise. The audience’s threshold for this details varies. Following time encompass a forewarning the this information.

Hour 12

In the meantime, Sayyora locations a speak to to she ex-boyfriend. Throughout the food of the conversation, she pleads for him to pertained to the house. She is seeking an escape from confrontation through her other housemates. The situation yet may not work out in she favor. In the background, ominous struggle music plays. The music just serves together a warning of the fight to come.

Hour 13

During hour 13, the bond in between Kiki and Sayyora grows even stronger. Kiki brings up that “even if us fight, why can’t we gain over that like guys do”. That is an extremely valid suggest and prescient observation. In my opinion, girls fight the method they do since they organize on to every little word said, needing to respond back to everything. Castle don’t permit anything go and also have a need to constantly be right. The is why girls don’t fight and also make up like guys do.

Thank you to the producers of bad Girls Club for bright a light on Sayyora’s struggle. She is the definition of an immigrant who pertained to this nation seeking a far better life. Tales of her treking the end of her village at 5am come fetch water and also urinate in a hole in the soil starkly contrast what we watch on the show. Deep down, Sayyora is a genuinely nice human being looking to far better her life. Similarly, Kiki find herself relating to Sayyora’s struggle and believes she is ethical support for she friend.

Hours 14/15

The group of girls endeavor for a meal after viewing Seven obtain her entire bottom waxed. Just how they were hungry after the is beyond me. I don’t psychic Seven pointing out her sexuality in the casting special, but she definitely was ~ above the prowl at lunch. The funniest component about the entire case is her icing she vagina, all the while eating the ice cream from the end of the exact same cup in between her legs. She is a course act through and also through. Over there is likewise tension in between DeShayla and also Seven as DeShayla scores the phone call number for your waitress. Personally, I think Seven could do better than that.

Back in ~ home, Keyaira put on her cape and also transforms in come Captain Save-A-Ho. She intervenes in DeShayla’s conversation through her “boo” and also attempts to protect her friend from continuing to interact in the relationship. Afterward, crucial takes it upon it s her to fury the phone because that her fellow housemates and also tells Sayyora’s guest the Sayyora got beat up and she doesn’t have phone privileges any type of longer.

Lastly, key & Kiki square turn off again. Key flies turn off the manage screaming at she one time friend and keeping the “100” v her. She states she isn’t great with Kiki due to the fact that Kiki messes through Sayyora. Furthermore, key points the end that Sayyora gained beat up because of Kiki. Every one of these negative Girls refuse to recognize that the factor they engage in physical violence is due to the fact that they have an issue. It’s constantly someone else’s fault.

Hours 16/17

Key & Kiki proceed to bicker. Vital points the end that Kiki is a fake girlfriend and key does no mess v fake friends. It sound to me as if vital listened to Drake’s body of work too lot prior to comes in come the house. Fran of course attempts to interference in the situation however she gets she head chewed off. She does yet have a good point. Key is “26 years old acting choose the girls she encountered in high school”. Over there is an ext to Fran’s story 보다 she has made easily accessible thus far

Unfortunately the drama continues as the girls proceed to run in separated groups talking about the rather they don’t care for. Interesting way enough, seven brings increase a an excellent point around the previous drama. Kiki is the root of all of this drama, as Kiki stirred the pot begging because that drama, and now the there’s drama, she wants to pat the victim. Be that together it may, an essential delivers her ideal line that the night: “my eyebrows about to look favor Nike checks.

Hours 18/19

As a an outcome of every one of the infighting amongst the girls, an essential owns approximately her part and professes she apologies come Kiki. She admits she is petty and understands she ws make the efforts to intentionally hurt Kiki v her words. Exactly how long this truce/apology will certainly last is one more question.

The actors venture the end to a burlesque display for the night while Sayorra is at house with she ex-boyfriend Lionell. A tiny liquor in she system allows her to open up come Lionell and talk shit around the various other girls to him. Her beer muscles/mouth space going come come earlier and bite she in the ass later on on.

Hours 20/21

Whenever the cast of the poor Girls society arrive house from the club with at least one member at home already, there is bound to be drama. The increased level of alcohol in the girls transforms their ratchet level up even further. This does not bode well because that Sayyora. Once again, key decides she’s going to choose on Sayyora. In in between her screaming that the firm needs come leave, she also warns Lionell the he should get tested and also that Sayyora is dirty. The continued disagreements force producer to evacuate Lionell indigenous the house before anything rather transpires.

At this point, Kiki is crying about the continued fighting between her 2 friends. Together a consequence of Sayyora standing up for herself, she gets smacked right throughout the challenge by Keyaira. Another round of your fighting commences. As soon as again, Sayyora take away an l in the fight.

With every the commotion walking on, Kiki is hysterically crying and attempting to console Key. Elsewhere, Sayyora confesses that she feel she is gift bullied. This is the an initial time this season a cast member has brought up the “B” word.

Producers force key to invest a night in the hotel as result of her violence and also hostility in the direction of Sayyora. For a girl that stated she wanted to be much more than a hood rat native Compton, her behavior in the house exhibits the finish opposite.

Hours 22/23

Amid the chaos, Fran tries once again come insert herself together the peacemaker. Together a consequence, 7 kindly yet bluntly tells she to stay out that it. She is agitated in ~ this point with Kiki over every little thing that has actually transpired. Seven and also Kiki exchange a selection of “bitches” towards one another but ultimately says that “if we should fight us will” alluding to a future fight later in the season.

Seven, feeling incredibly disrespected and putting on a hissy fit for both the girl in the house as well as the cameras, calls production. She proclaims she is not like the rest of the girls and also she came ready to fight.

In any case, the producer wisely have actually Seven pack an overnight bag and ship her off to a hotel for this reason she have the right to calm down. During her sit native the house, she mutters under she breathe that the case is far from over. She will certainly beat Kiki up.

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The clock winds under to hour 24 and the episode pertains to an end. That’s every folks because that this week!

Bad girl Club Season 17 airs every Tuesday at 8pm top top Oxygen.

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