This article is all around weight. Football is one sport wherein the weight of the player has actually a huge effect on ability (and position!), but you don’t have to be tall and huge to be the ideal player.What is the best size for different types of players? how should you lose or obtain weight for football? and how many calories carry out teenage football players need? It relies on position and also age, however the average division I college football player is 6’1” and 231 pounds– it is big. High school players room not this big, you space still walk through growth spurts and also developing. Size is important, but what is healthy and also what will certainly actually assist you grow accordingly as a teen and play come the finest of her ability?Keep analysis for the best tips.

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All you need to understand for a healthy and balanced football season! consisting of a 28-day meal plan, snack idea list, tips for what, when, and also how much to eat for football, including tips for acquiring to your goal weight. Fuel up because that your ideal football season yet and also rise over the competition!Click right here for an ext information.

How large Should Football players Be?

Bigger football players, specifically linemen, space common, yet for together an intense and also vigorous sport, shouldn’t they be losing weight from all the training? Lineman have special diets to store them big. Lineman don’t operation as much and also they think they have to be huge to block your opponents.How large and tall carry out you have to be to play football? Well keep in mind that college and NFL players have finished growing and also have had numerous extra year of cultivate to mass up. High institution athletes room not going come equally compare to college and professionals. As the the past couple of years, the average department I university football player to be 6’1” and also 231 pounds. It is big. The typical size counts on the position. Here’s a breakdown of the average weights of college football athletes because that a few different vital positions:Defensive Positions median Height and Weight: Defensive earlier 5’11” 186 poundsSafety 6’0” 200 poundsDefensive Lineman 6’3” 275 poundsLinebacker 6’1” 224 poundsOffensive Positions average Height and also Weight: Quarterback 6’2” 208 poundsOffensive Lineman 6’4” 297 poundsRunning earlier 5’10” 205 poundsTight finish 6’4” 242 poundsWide recipient 6’1” in ~ 191 poundsFullback 6’0” 234 poundsKicker 6’0” 190 poundsRemember that these heights and also weights can be exaggerated, due to the fact that schools frequently list players as bigger 보다 they actually room on your rosters.Depending top top the position, players check out an advantage in gift bigger or smaller. Lineman have to be tall, heavy, and also strong, when the more athletic positions -safety, vast receiver- need to cover many ground and also be lighter on their feet. Generally for plenty of defense location weight appears to be important, while for offense elevation is an ext important 보다 weight.These heights and also weights are just averages, there are many players top top the field that room bigger and also smaller. There room outliers that play great without the elevation or size. Much more important room the an abilities based top top the position.The height and weight that high institution players will differ greatly contrasted to this list together they room still growing. Age differences develop a bigger spectrum that heights for teenagers.Many of the tall players won’t have actually reached 6 foot yet since they room still growing. High schoolers should emphasis on acquiring muscle mass and also weight the is suitable for your age and also growth.

Football Players- fit or Fat? 

Despite high level of physical activity, football players space not immune native the aftermath of excess human body fat. Unfortunately, the average football player is getting bigger and also bigger and many are thought about obese for their size, even high schoolers. Obese athletes are more likely to construct cardiovascular disease, diabetes, part cancers, and other chronic diseases linked with obesity.Just being huge isn’t negative for health, but body ingredient matters. Weight problems is classified with BMI, and BMI does no take right into consideration all at once body composition, which is more important because that assessing health risks. However, the body composition of numerous football players is tho concerning. The larger football players, linemen especially, average almost 30% human body fat composition, 25% and above is thought about obese for males. Running backs, chop ends, and also linebackers typical 17% human body fat. The healthy selection is between 18-24%, and even lower for athletes.High schoolers need to attempt to acquire muscle and also not excess human body fat together they want to it is in bigger for a position.

Can Football help You lose Weight? 

Is excess load slowing you under on the field? Playing football can help you to lose weight, as lengthy as you room burning an ext calories than you are consuming. You deserve to do this by making a arrangement for a healthy and balanced diet and exercise to it is in in a calorie deficit. Acquire the ideal tips below.Any form of practice will assist you to lose weight, select the type that you will certainly do and also can commit come regularly.****If you desire to lose weight because that football, speak through a doctor or registered dietitian very first to make certain it is suitable for your age and weight. Dieting have the right to negatively affect your performance together an athlete.Keep analysis to find out how many calories girlfriend burn during football, how many calories football football player need, and some advice for load loss for football football player (especially for high institution athletes feather to cut weight). I’ve additionally included how big a football player should be, and tips for weight gain for high college football athletes.

How many Calories perform You Burn play Football? 

Depending on countless factors including weight, intensity, position, and rest time, you deserve to burn everywhere from 300-800 calories every hour play football.For a high institution football player weighing 150 pounds roughly 500 calorie are melted per hour of football. A 165-pound football player burns around 600 calories per hour. A player weighing 200 pounds burns roughly 700 calories per hour.

How many Calories do Football football player Need?

Some NFL football player report eating close come 8,000 calories every day. Linemen usually room the players that shot to mass up, they desire to be big so they deserve to block their opponents. A safety, top top the various other hand, likely wants to continue to be slimmer so they have the right to be light on their feet. An NFL safety could eat around 4,000 calories per day. It all counts on separation, personal, instance nutrient requirements.High schoolers on the soccer team probably don’t require as many calories as the professionals, yet they carry out need much more calories than the mean teen.Have you experienced just how much a teenager can eat? their appetites can be amazing due to their nutritional requirements. The teenage years space a time wherein appetites increase and also growth spurts occur.Teens affiliated in sports also need added calories as result of requirements because that exercise. They require a most calories to fuel your bodies, assistance growth, and also fuel physical activity.The average teenage male needs approximately 2,800 calories per day.High institution football athletes training for 2 or much more hours per day may need to boost their calorie variety to 4,000 calories every day, depending on the player.Here’s a chart to provide you a great idea for calorie ranges for teenagers:Teenage masculine Calorie Requirements:*AgeNot ActiveModerately ActiveActive132,0002,2002,60014-152,000 – 2,2002,400 – 2,6002,800 – 3,00016-182,4002,8003,200192,6002,8003,000
Females:AgeNot ActiveModerately ActiveActive131,6002,0002,20014-181,8002,0002,400192,0002,2002,400
*From 2015-2020 diet Guidelines for AmericansNot Active= Minimal activity per day. Moderately Active= 30-40 minutes of physical task per day.Active= 40 or more minutes the physical activity per day.Calorie level depends on age, gender, weight, amount of muscle, physical activity amount, and many various other factors. The is very individualized and also the finest we can do is carry out a basic recommendation.These calorie levels deserve to be a good place to start yet ideally friend will desire to number out what works ideal for you. Shot tracking food and also calorie input for simply 3 regular days per month to get an idea of eating habits and places for improvement.At this allude in a teenager’s life, they don’t really should track calories regularly unless there are concerns. The best thing a teenager can do come eat the appropriate amount of food is to do a arrangement for eating regularly throughout the day v 3 meals and also 1-3 snacks and to listen to your hunger cues.Teenage athletes can practice listening to your body come determine just how much come eat to meet their hunger without eat too lot or as well little.

Weight loss Tips for Teenage Athletes 

If adolescents are overweight, it can seem choose putting lock on a diet have the right to be beneficial. During the teenage year of growth and development, it isn’t a wise decision to diet. You don’t must restrict food- you just need to eat smarter. Adolescents should build healthy eating strategies instead of make the efforts a restrictive diet. An ideal eating setup will assist a teenager much more than any kind of diet.Do not Restrict CaloriesFor high institution athletes feather to cut weight because that football, just know that this is critical period of development and advancement in her life and also a restrictive diet is walking to execute you more harm than good. The most vital thing you can do is produce healthy habits. Nothing stress about the weight for now, the healthy lifestyle behavior will lug you lifelong benefits and also the weight will come.Do not follow a low-calorie diet as soon as you room participating in sports. If teenagers don’t eat enough they won’t be able to perform at their height performance ability.Your endurance and also energy levels will certainly decrease, you won’t be as quick or as strong, her endurance and strength will suffer, you will be at greater risk because that injury, and your human body won’t recover appropriately after training and also competition.Check out my Nutrition Game plan for High institution Football ebook for much more specific details on exactly how to gain to your goal load this season.

What Parents deserve to Do:

If you space concerned due to the fact that your teenager is overweight, track their weight top top a expansion chart and also check with your medical professional or a dietitian if their weight gain is worrisome.Don’t put your child on a “diet”. Do the efforts to have actually a son or teenager shed weight could negatively impact their expansion plus construct an unhealthy partnership with food and negatively impact body image long term.Work through your pediatrician and a registered dietitian to make healthy and balanced lifestyle alters for the whole family. Readjust will come slowly, but the habits will stick because that a lifetime.Model proper eating behavior at homes. that is a parent’s task to identify which foods items are obtainable and offered at home and also when. A teen decides if and also how lot to eat. Try not come fill your pantry through unhealthy junk foods, now is a great time to practice healthy eating behaviors as a family.You should likewise limit display time, and also do not eat meals in former of the TV. Uncover ways to increase task levels because that all family members.Focus on in its entirety health, no weight.

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youngsters should “grow” into their weight and also not shot to shed weight or walk on a diet. Don’t talk about weight and also be positive around body image. The worse adolescents feel about their weight, the more likely they space to build an unhealthy relationship with food and also overeat.For adolescents that space overweight, they carry out not must start dieting. Every it take away is healthy behavior that add up over time and also bring benefits for long term.