What is the difference in between uncompressed 1080p (7gb) and also commercial blu beam movies (25gb). Is there any huge difference in state of video clip quality and sound?

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the 7 gb is most likely only uncompressed as much as video quality goes the likely has actually a lossy sound together opposed to lossless audio. Most of the smaller record sizes room compressed down audio wise
Most papers are approximately 8 gig and can go approximately as high together 20gig greatly what you check out online is the they compressed it into smaller record formats what greatly leads to high quality lost.

1080p vs 720p - What is the difference?

movie (1080p)

size is 1:04min and it weights 149 MB

movie (720p) size is additionally 1:04min and also it weights 62.8 MB.

from a total surface area standpoint, us can likewise calculate the variety of individual pixels had in every resolution: 480p = 338,000 pixels / framework

720p = 922,000 pixels / structure

1080i = 1,037,000 pixels / framework

1080p = 2,074,000 pixels / framework In various other words, 1080p represents about twice the lot of the resolution information as standard HD and also contains six times the info in DVD resolution.
For a life uncompressed 1080p you space looking at approximately 7GB per minute.

depending on the bitrate and also compression (codec) provided an estimate need to be roughly what Jeffery claimed ~3-6GB.

because that a advertisement Blu-ray you are generally looking in ~ 15-25GB for 2 hours.
Jeffery Fabish
I would certainly estimate around 3 come 4 GB"s

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