The old Pharaoh, who had actually raised Moses as a son, torn in between the male he had actually loved and also what the was required to do, banished Moses (with hefty bass north beats):

Let the surname of Moses be stricken indigenous every book and tablet…stricken from all pylons and also obelisks,stricken indigenous every monument the Egypt.

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Let the surname of…Moses it is in unheard and also unspoken,erased from the storage of men…for all time.


I had constantly thought this also included the standard finality of command…

So the shall it is in written. So that shall be done.

But my memory is faulty; that line is later on where Ramses (son the Sethi, played by Yul Brynner) dismisses Moses who had actually returned come Egypt come rattle Ramses.

And below is whereby I go the end on a stupid limb, because I am absolutely no buff Charlton Heston, nor have I talked to God in the desert, nor have I well-known a Pharaoh or split a sea… Yet, the sweep of job-related I had done proudly in a previous project life has been.. Stricken from all pylons and also obelisks of a component of the internet I built, my name was do unheard and also unspoken the in an organization.

This March will be practically 3 years since I left my function at the new Media Consortium.

I’ve not looked ago much, and also I to be not right here to destruction up any type of old bones. As explained in that post, through the aid of a generous inheritance gift, ns was offered a chance for something new, and adventure, an odyssey of some 15,000 mile traveled over 5 months. In many ways I have actually not completely processed that whole experience. Yet I was ready for miscellaneous different. Say thanks to you, again, Aunt Martha.

Since then, with the exception of 6 months working at the college of mary Washington, I’ve been… unemployed fine doing largely my own thing. Type of a long, self funded sabbatical. And now the looks feasible that sufficient side job-related is over there to extend it a while.

My 5 years functioning at the NMC to be extraordinary, it put me in ~ whole new level in the ed tech game of cards.

It opened up many opportunities (e.g. The 2007 Australia Tour) the seem come still be simmering along. I acquired to be associated to a vast community of partner of NMC members. Ns poured a lot of myself into that job, and one may conjecture it put a dent in my marital relationship (let’s leave that one alone).

The thing that bothered me the many at the time, and still nibbles away, is that no one in the member was ever told I had actually left. i was just… gone. I gained emails in June 2011 asking why i was not at the summer conference (something I had attended every years starting in 2002 as a member native Maricopa and also 2006-2010 together NMC staff). Some had actually heard i was on sabbatical. Ns guess the was type of true. However I was off on my first leg the travel, and also all ns was thinking around was being out on the road. NMC? rear see mirror.

I miss a the majority of those world I knew and worked through over the years; the day after ns quit i was eliminated from the membership listserv. I miss the plank members that were strong colleagues and also friends, and also now i am lucky these job if i can gain a on facebook comment out of. World move on, and also I absolutely can shoulder some duty for not remaining in touch.

A few weeks back I to be trying o remember the name of a previous board member. I was looking approximately the NMC internet site, i m sorry I have to admit, looks much cleaner and modern-day than the version I had functioned on 2007-2011 (kudos to who who maintained the old website as an archive– among my obsessions was structure a fairly complete background of the site from long prior to I come on board).

Two little things captured my eye- the first was this little call the end on the tasks page… “We perform Cool Stuff”.


There to be a board meeting I recall whereby the topic to be a new vision or mission statement, and also I joked the if we want to yes, really be blunt, we could boil it down to “We do cool shit”.

It was a joke. For this reason it’s nice to view it kind of obtained folded in. However that’s trivial, and also it is much more likely who else assumed of that independently. Originality is a legend of vanity.

But the 2nd observation is what dubbed up the ghost that Moses.

Way down at the bottom of a page that lists the previous board members who have actually been called emeritus for their business (a web page I preserved at one time) was a 2nd heading for “Staff Emeritus”.

And provided there is one previous staff member… Rachel Smith, that was over there one year before me, and also left 3 months before I did; we were both angry Presidents.


Hmm. Ns did not make the cut.

Oh fine the desert is a nice place.

I am no stomping to be added, and by currently it method so little scientists cannot measure the intensity, however it feels… odd, prefer I have been… banished indigenous the history.

Maybe ns overestimate mine contribution.

So I’m not on any kind of of the NMC pylons or obelisks. That’s okay, I have the right to make my own.

When I came on plank in 2006, the NMC web site was all hand rolling HTML, and also the conference and membership registration mechanism was in FileMaker Pro. It take it a totality year, and also the breakthrough expertise the the Longsight Group, and lot of mine inner guts torn by banging mine head against drupal. However the site I functioned on and managed maintained all of the member database, had actually a completely online conference registration device (ecommerce), a conference proposal and also review system, and also an entire ago end the report and also dashboard devices for the office staff.

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The site was way busy v links. But hey, it was the so late 2000s. Ns experimented a ton with device that permitted members to input content (a project board, a shared conference calendar, a ar to list successful projects). Ns pushed and also pulled modules, added custom code, lobbied every little bit of activity to have actually a internet presence.

I walk special collection like the podcasts and also summaries because that Gardner Campbell’s an initial networked brand-new Media Faculty Seminar, a partnership v Bryan Alexander ~ above a joint NITLE / NMC market simulation top top ed technology trends, a series of conversational webinars we dubbed “Connect