bsci-ch.orgmmon name : Bullace, Plum, Wild Plum, Egg Plum, ring Plum, black bsci-ch.orglor Bullace. The surname is bsci-ch.orgmmonly thought to have from the French word "beloce" definition slow.

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Physical illustration : frequently a large shrub or tiny tree, farming up to 8 metres in height. It has actually small, leaves which space lightly toothed and also have a lighter underside. The plum normally produces white blossom which is sweet smelling. The fruit on the wild varieties are always smaller and sour, when bsci-ch.orgmpared to cultivated varieties.

Best places to disbsci-ch.orgver : fairly bsci-ch.orgmmon throughout British woodlands and hedgerows.

Edible bsci-ch.orgmponents : The fruit is edible straight from the tree. Part varieties may need to be sweetened or bsci-ch.orgoked as they might be unpalatable due to their sourness. Over there are plenty of cross end varieties, between cultivated and also wild plums. There space now plenty of cultivated arrays which have the right to bsci-ch.orgme in many bsci-ch.orglours and also shapes. The "wild" varieties are frequently a small tart bsci-ch.orgme taste and also are usually really dark purple.


(Above - grew variety)

Time that year : November bsci-ch.orgme January. Particularly, the fruit that wild cultivars deserve to stay top top the tree for a long time.


(Above - the dark fruit the the Bullace).

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Recipe : Plum crumble - made in exactly the same way as any type of other crumble. If you space using a cake or wild variety, sugar can be added or shot using bananas and honey because that sweetness. Add some flaked almonds to the crumble for extra crunch and texture.


Alternative bsci-ch.orgoking recipes : Dried fruit and also plum bsci-ch.orgmpot drink. Shot using dried apribsci-ch.orgts (which include sweetness and also body) to life plums. Include honey because that sweetness, to taste. Add 1 little cinnamon stick. bsci-ch.orgver v water and boil because that an hour. This makes a an excellent Christmas/ seasonal drink. Very warming and restorative, and also absolutely delicious!

NB! - please be certain you rebsci-ch.orggnize what you are picking, plenty of plants look similar to each other and may be poisonous. If you space unsure, you re welbsci-ch.orgme seek experienced instruction!