If you ever ate or seen prunes and also plums, then you currently know a difference in between the 2 off the rip; the taste and also the appearance.

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They are known for gift sweet prefer grapes and also raisins. The procedure of a plum ending up being a prune is similar to how a grape i do not care a raisin, however there space a few differences. 

Most people believe that plums and prunes space the very same thing; simply one dry and one juicy. Well, they room related but not how you think castle are.

Not every plums space prunes...

As it transforms out, prunes are simply dried plums. However, no all plums room prunes. The prune fruit comes from a different type of plant other than plums. For this reason yes, dried plums are dubbed prunes; but not every plums room prunes....

According come DifferenceBetween, prunes have pits that are easier to eliminate from the meat unlike the other types of plums. Both plums and prunes come indigenous the exact same plant genus dubbed Prunus. By being regarded this genus, this makes prunes a form (or a variety) that plums. This even way that plums and prunes are associated to various other genus fruits like cherries, almonds and also peaches due to the fact that they come native the very same family.

Shape, Size and also Color

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A range of plums have actually red skins once they space ripe, but no a bold red. They are usually a deeper red similar to blood or that deep red lipstick you wear all the time. ~ above the other hand, prunes have actually either blue or violet skins.

When it comes to their shape, many varieties of plums can be one of two people heart-shaped or round while prunes are oval-shaped. I"ll admit that prunes look favor over-sized raisins through a large seed in it; yet they room a really good snack.

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When they are done coming to be plums, prunes room usually dried out or made right into prune juice. Together for plums, the other varieties are mostly eaten while they are fresh.

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Try them the end for yourself and also see if you deserve to taste the difference. Possibly you"ll find your new favorite snack.

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