Jane Anderson is a medical journalist and an professional in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and the gluten-free diet. " data-inline-tooltip="true">Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a clinical journalist and also an skilled in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and also the gluten-free diet. 


Plain, unprocessed nuts and also peanuts space gluten-free. however many brand of nuts room not for sure on the gluten-free diet, due to the fact that nuts often are processed and also packaged ~ above lines common with gluten-containing products. In addition, countless nuts are sold in mixes that encompass gluten-containing ingredients, such together pretzels and also crackers.

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Sadly, most renowned brands of nuts and peanuts that are sold in grocery store stores room not considered gluten-free. That makes sourcing important gluten-free nuts and also peanuts a challenge for world who are complying with the gluten-free diet and also want to be able to eat nuts and also peanuts.

Fortunately, there room brands and outlets that take the steps necessary to store nuts and also peanuts for sure for people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Review on because that gluten-free nut and peanut brands (as well regarding learn which brand aren't recommended).

Gluten-Free Nuts and Peanuts

These brands and also products are accessible widely in grocery store stores and are thought about gluten-free by their manufacturers:

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond renders several gluten-free-labeled almond products, including its almond seed milk and also its nut-based crackers. According to the company, many of its nuts don't include any kind of gluten ingredients and are thought about gluten-free.  This consists of Blue Diamond plain, salted, and also flavored varieties.

However, you need to avoid Jordan Almonds (candy-coated almonds in white and also pastel shades) and also Wasabi & soy Sauce Flavored Almonds, since these ranges contain gluten, according to the company. Be conscious that the gluten-free nut assets may be handle in the very same facility together the gluten-containing seed products. Blue Diamond is obtainable nationwide, and you should have the ability to find the brand in most supermarkets.

Fisher Nuts

According come the company, any type of products the qualify together gluten-free (to much less than 20 parts per million of gluten) will certainly be labeled as such. In addition, Fisher states it will contact out any type of gluten-containing ingredients on its labels.

Note the Fisher features at the very least two smoke-flavored nut products (Smoke & Bacon Flavored Almonds and also Dry Roasted Peanuts). Barley malt flour sometimes is supplied in exhilaration flavoring, therefore make certain to scrutinize any kind of smoke-flavored products' labels carefully. Fisher Nuts are sold in many supermarkets.


This is a website, not a brand, however Nuts.com uses the widest an option of certified gluten-free nuts and peanuts available anywhere. There room two category of "gluten-free" ~ above Nuts.com: gluten-free and also gluten-free certified (from the GFCO). Those commodities that are GFCO-certified gluten-free have actually undergone stringent experimentation that guarantee they save on computer fewer than 10 parts per million that gluten.

Meanwhile, products that room labeled "gluten-free" however are not GFCO-certified are taken into consideration gluten-free come the legal traditional of much less than 20 parts per million that gluten. "Note that these uncertified gluten-free commodities are also handled top top a specialized gluten-free production line in a separate area of ours warehouse," the firm states.

You can uncover virtually every possible kind of nut at Nuts.com, and the nuts are available seasoned, unseasoned, in-shell and currently shelled. You additionally can find a variety of gluten-free nut flours (see below).

Wonderful agency

Almonds and also pistachios created by The Wonderful company and sold in plastic pouches, are labeled "gluten-free." Almond seasonings include: roasted and also salted, roasted no-salt, and natural raw. Pistachio flavors incorporate roasted and salted, salt and also pepper, lightly salted, no salt, sweet chili, and roasted and also salted shelled (if girlfriend don"t reap the challenge of extract pistachios from your shells).

Specialty brand

These lesser-known brands aren't easily accessible widely, but you can find them online and also in a few stores:

Bhuja Snacks

If you miss out on trail mix that has crackers and also other grain-based ingredients, you might find something you like from Bhuja Snacks. The agency makes seed mixes v crackers the arecertified gluten-freeby the Gluten-Free Certification organization (GFCO), i m sorry requires testing toless 보다 10 parts per million of gluten(less is always better). The noodles and crackers are made with yellow peas, chickpeas, rice, tapioca, and potato.

Note the the brand additionally makes "Beer Mix," i beg your pardon is certified gluten-free and does not show up to save beer. you can find Bhuja Snacks ~ above Amazon and at number of supermarket chains, including Sweetbay and Albertson's. You might run throughout them in ~ Costco, together well.

foodstuffs Alive

Foods Alive, which produces commodities that range from crackers come glass straws, attributes a range of "Superfoods" nut assets that are labeled "gluten-free." These include Wild tropical Peanuts (a variety of peanuts the is very low in aflatoxin), plus organic almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, and walnuts. Girlfriend can find some foodstuffs Alive commodities on Amazon or order straight from the company.

Old dominion

This tiny specialty brand renders peanut brittle, butter toffee peanuts, and peanut crunch. All are considered gluten-free, follow to the company. Note that Old dominance recently readjusted hands and also that some manufacturing processes might be outsourced come a third party in the future, for this reason scrutinize labels closely.

essential Gemini TigerNut initial

These nuts, renowned with some civilization who monitor a Paleo diet, gluten-free, follow to the company. They also are raw, non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, and also Kosher. Organic Gemini additionally offers tigernut flour, i beg your pardon is gluten-free as well.

Sahale Snacks

This brand, named after Sahale height in the north Cascades national Park in Washington state, to produce a variety of nuts and nut snacks with exciting flavors, such as naturally Pomegranate Vanilla-Flavored Cashews and Thai Cashews Glazed Mix. Follow to the company, the nut mixes and also trail mix marketed in pouches and in "grab and also go" packages are certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Look because that the "GF" prize on the package.

The products additionally are certified non-GMO. Keep in mind that the company's bar commodities are not certified gluten-free, for this reason steer clear of those. Sahale Snacks are sold in Target stores and in various other outlets.

Sante Nuts

If you want gluten-free tree nuts without any risk that peanut cross-contamination, this brand might be a an excellent bet. Sante Nuts products are gluten-free, soy-free, certified Kosher, and vegan, and are created in a fully peanut-free environment. Sante supplies almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts in a variety of flavors and also mixes. The brand is sold in outlets mostly in north California and also Nevada and also is obtainable online.

The Peanut Shop that Williamsburg

The Peanut Shop (a fixture in colonial Williamsburg, Va.) offers a wide selection of gluten-free nut assets in its digital store, consisting of multiple seasonings of peanuts (Virginia is recognized for peanuts), chocolate-covered nut brittle, dark and also milk chocolate-covered almonds, honey-roasted cashews, sweet Georgia pecans, and also peanut brittle. You"ll likewise find gift box with plenty of of the same products.

Gluten-Free seed Flours

Many human being who space gluten-free, especially those that follow the Paleo diet or a diet low in carbohydrates, substitute seed flours for grain-based flour in baked goods. Here's wherein you can discover gluten-free nut flour:

Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill may be the many widely easily accessible gluten-free seed flour top top the market. You most likely will discover it in most health and wellness food stores and also in numerous supermarkets that have actually a large health food section. This almond flour is super-fine and is floor from totality almonds.

King Arthur

King Arthur features super-fine almond flour that's certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Friend can uncover it in countless supermarkets and health food stores.


Nuts.com provides a variety of gluten-free nut flours, consisting of almond, cashew, chestnut, hazelnut, macadamia, pistachio, and also organic tiger nut flours. All room certified gluten-free by the GFCO other than for the tiger seed flour, which meets the less-stringent non-certified gluten-free standard.


Wellbee"sis a website the specializes in grain-free cooking and ingredients because that the certain Carbohydrate Diet. The company features almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut, and also pecan nut flours, every one of which are considered gluten-free.

assets to avoid

The adhering to companies make assets that are uncovered in many grocery stores. However, they"re not recommended for people following the gluten-free diet, generally as result of gluten cross-contamination that results from shared infrastructure or equipment:

Diamond that California

This company, not related to Blue Diamond, produces greatly walnuts, pecans, and also almonds, back it likewise offers pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, jaw nuts, and hazelnuts. All room processed on common equipment and also carry a "may save on computer wheat" warning.

Emerald Nuts

Snyders-Lance Inc. Own Emerald Nuts, which room not labeled gluten-free. According to the company: "These products are produced and packaged in the same handling facilities along with products include gluten.Snyder’s Lance adheres to superior good Food production Practices, and all processing lines room thoroughly cleaned between packaging runs which significantly lessens the possibility of cross-contact between gluten and non-gluten products.While Emerald Breakfast top top the Go and Emerald follow Mix varieties carry out contain gluten, all various other Emerald assets do no contain gluten ingredients."

Kirkland Signature

Costco sells Kirkland Signature, and also products indigenous this brand likewise are accessible on Amazon. Unfortunately, nuts from Kirkland Signature carry a warning the they're handle on lines common with wheat-containing products.

Planters Nuts

This is a Kraft foodstuffs company. Kraft has actually a plan of phone call out any kind of gluten-containing ingredients on product labels. However, uneven a product is clearly labeled "gluten-free," it can be subject to gluten cross-contamination, even if that doesn't include any kind of gluten-containing ingredients. Planters does not label any of its products "gluten-free," and also the brand contains trail mixes and "dessert-inspired mixes" that have actually gluten ingredients and are handle on the same tools as its level nuts and peanuts.

It's recommended to steer clear of Planters seed products, although some world have reported being able to consume them there is no issue.

Virginia Diner

Virginia Diner offers peanuts (both in-shell and out the the shell) in addition to various peanut products. Return the only two gluten-containing assets made by this agency are the Tailgate Snack Mix and also the Old only Snack Mix, all commodities are at danger for gluten cross-contamination as result of the usage of common equipment, follow to a customer business representative. Product brand state this threat where applicable.

We are Nuts

This is a small, family-owned agency based in St. Paul, Minn., the specializes in gourmet nuts and trail mix. Unfortunately, the firm states: "We execute not classify or label any type of of ours nuts as being gluten-free due to the fact that they space packaged in a facility where they might come into contact with wheat or various other gluten-containing items."

A Word native Verywell

As you can see, sourcing for sure gluten-free nuts and also peanuts (along through nut flours and also nut/peanut mixes) is possible, although it have the right to be daunting to do on short an alert if your neighborhood supermarket has a small selection. Typically, you'll virtually always have the ability to find Blue Diamond products, and also most stores additionally carry wonderful pistachios and almonds (you might find these in the create section as opposed to in the snacks aisle).

One last note: generally, you should beware of the share (or store-brand) packaged entirety nuts uncovered in the produce section, because many of these are produced on equipment that"s mutual with gluten ingredients. However, some people report great luck through these packaged nuts,as long as the allergy warning ~ above that certain package doesn"t includeany cite of wheat. If the package says "May contain: Wheat," then don"t to buy it.

Still, your ideal bet (especially if you"re specifically sensitive to map gluten) is come stick through nuts that are taken into consideration gluten-free or (better yet) certified gluten-free native the lists above.

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