Chip Kelly gotten in the NFL together an attack mastermind indigenous the college of Oregon. That left the league as a controversial and divisive head coach.

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Kelly appeared destined for greatness as soon as he led the Philadelphia Eagles come a playoff berth in his first season. The magic didn’t stay and Kelly, who also coached the san Fransisco 49ers, was out of the league three years later.

Part that Kelly’s problem was he encountered major racial events at both stops.

Chip Kelly coached 4 NFL seasons

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For years, Chip Kelly appeared to be the NFL’s hot coaching candidate. That ran a dangerous offense at Oregon and the media believed he’d ultimately jump to the NFL.

That didn’t occur until 2013, though, once Kelly changed Andy Reid in Philadelphia. Kelly coached the Eagles till 2015 and went 26-21 in 3 years.

Kelly relocated to mountain Fransisco in 2016. The 49ers went 2-14 the year, however the enlarge story connected Colin Kaepernick‘s nationwide anthem protests.

San Fransisco fired Kelly and also general manager Trent Baalke after that season. He’s coached UCLA the last 2 years and also has a 7-17 document there.

Eagles football player ripped Kelly over viewed racism

Chip Kelly coached in the NFL through the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers. He needed to attend to serious race issues at both stops. | Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

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Chip Kelly winner an NFC East division title in his very first year v the Eagles. That was far from a authorize of things to come.

Ultimately, the Eagles parted ways with Kelly before his third season ended. His public problems with players who the Eagles one of two people traded or exit didn’t help.

Philadelphia cut star recipient DeSean Jackson after ~ the 2013 season. That decision partly stemmed from Jackson’s report ties to corridor members in his indigenous California.

Jackson made it clean he wasn’t affiliated in gang activity, though he admittedly associated with gang members.

A year later, Philadelphia traded running ago LeSean McCoy come Buffalo. Follow to the Philadelphia Inquirer, McCoy said Kelly didn’t respect his star players and wanted full control in the locker room.

“You view how fast he got rid of all the great players. Specifically all the an excellent black players. He got rid of them the fastest. That’s the truth. There’s a reason. … It’s tough to describe with him. Yet there’s a reason he got rid of all the black color players — the great ones — choose that.”

Chip Kelly refuse the accusations. Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin safeguarded Kelly and also said the coach wasn’t racist, however struggled v his society skills.

Boykin, who is black, admitted he believed Kelly was “uncomfortable around grown men of our culture.”

Chip Kelly coached mountain Francisco when Colin Kaepernick knelt because that the anthem

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Would Chip Kelly obtain away native race-related events with the 49ers? much from it.

Kelly’s lone season in California was once Colin Kaepernick knelt during the nationwide anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

Kaepernick came to be a divisive figure throughout the country. Many supported the quarterback’s outspokenness and commitment come change.

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Others criticize Kaepernick because that “disrespecting the flag.”

Regardless, Chip Kelly defended Kaepernick the whole time. Kelly do it clean he construed Kaepernick’s point of view and also wouldn’t avoid him from speaking out.

A year later, Kelly to be asked to advice his time v Kaepernick. In probably the can be fried compliment, Kelly claimed Kaepernick never ended up being the one word teams hate: a distraction.