Snacking might be thought about a major hobby that mine. Whether I"m top top my method to course or on break at work, there"s a good chance you"ll discover me munching ~ above something. Naturally, I"ve accumulated some favorites over the years. And also without a doubt, the ever popular Flamin" hot Cheetos are optimal 5 product in mine eyes. 

Elizabeth Layman

If girlfriend don"t love this spicy, cheesy pieces of hell—refrain from talking to me anymore since you are absent out, mine friend. They"re like regular Cheetos but top top steroids. Okay, they might not be for the pass out of heart, however if you deserve to handle the fire it"s worth the searing of your taste buds. 

I gambling you didn"t know exactly how incredibly complex and nuanced this snack in reality is. There"s therefore much more to Flamin" warm Cheetos than what you check out on the surface. 

1. Lock Were produced by a Janitor 

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Former Frito-Lay janitor, Richard Montañez come up with the idea for Flamin" warm Cheetos after taking a batch home with that from work. He was influenced by the mexican street food called elote, and also sprinkled chili flour on them. 

He must have actually been an extremely confident in exactly how finger-licking great this upgrade was because he arranged a meeting v the CEO the the entire agency to key the idea. Now Montañez is an executive, management vice president in Frito-Lay. 

2. They Actually could be Addicting 

We regularly say that we"re "addicted" to our favourite foods and also drinks, yet Flamin" hot Cheetos are rumored come actually have actually addictive qualities in their ingredients. Medical specialists have compared it come "mild opiate addiction".

The burn sensation we gain from the peppers in hot Cheetos causes a release of herbal opioids (endorphins) in our bodies. It renders us feel good (at least until the opiate is gone) and then us feel the need to eat more.

3. The Serving size Is really Inaccurate 

Elizabeth Layman

You know how in part bags the chips that seems choose you"re getting fifty percent air, half snack? Well, Cheetos doesn"t play that game. The serving dimension on the bags states the there are around 189 chips, but it transforms out there room closer to 237.5 chips every bag—not that we"re complaining.

4. They"re Not enabled in some Schools

Why who would try to refuse others the chance to enjoy a bag the Flamin" hot Cheetos, ns will never ever understand. But a few years ago, institutions in California, new Mexico, and Illinois determined to half the snack indigenous on-campus consumption. 

Its absence of nutritional value was the main reason the colleges labeled Flamin" warm Cheetos contraband. But kids were additionally eating method more than the recommended portion amount, and the totality addictive thing didn"t really help either. 

5. They"ve to be Behind part Serious health Scares

I"ve joked about the potency in a bag of Flamin" warm Cheetos, however these snacks have actually been the reason for one too many hospital visits. People who eat huge amounts of Flamin" hot Cheetos have had chest and stomach pains, and their poop turning red indigenous the dye. 

6. The Spiciness Is a Mystery

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What provides these Cheetos "flaming hot" is as much of a mystery as the Krabby Patty formula. The public has no idea what mix of spices is offered in the recipe. 

The bag lists, "Flamin" warm Seasoning" together an ingredient, yet the maltodextrin in the doesn"t offer us much understanding into the spicy factor. The world may never know.

7. They deserve to be eaten in countless Ways

You don"t have to limit yourself to simply enjoying Flamin" hot Cheetos right from the bag. Human being have take away this snack food and also used it come enhance daily foods.

I"m talkin" anything indigenous Cheeto-ritos to warm Cheetos Crispy Treats; even restaurants room trying to combine the snack in your dishes. 

So the next time you"re in 7-Eleven through the late night munchies—think twice prior to reaching for this bag the maltodextrin flavored snacks. Or if you"re like me, grab two.