However, human being who take a butterfly knife with a blade of at least two (2) inches long to a institution may challenge criminal charges if lock are additionally trespassing, loitering, causing a nuisance, or defacing school property.

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And any kind of pupils that take any butterfly knife to school confront expulsion, even if they reason no various other trouble.


Butterfly knife definition

As its surname suggests, a butterfly knife is a urgently pocketknife except that the blade is surprise by not one but two handles. As soon as the knife is open, the 2 handles join to become one big handle.

Other names for butterfly velvet are:

balisong fan knife Batangas knife

Butterfly knives are not considered a switchblade under Nevada law.

Open lug of butterfly knives in Nevada

It is legal to open carry butterfly knives in Nevada. Yet as discussed below, they might be banned at institutions under certain conditions.

Concealed bring of butterfly velvet in Nevada

Nevada legislation is unclear about whether it is illegal to lug a butterfly knife concealed.

The CCW state NRS 202.350 just says it is illegal come conceal lug a “dangerous or deadly weapon.” no one of the various other statutes in NRS chapter 202 mention butterfly knives as a attention or deadly weapon. Yet an entirely separate state in a completely different thing — NRS 392.466 — specifies butterfly knives as a “dangerous weapon.”

If a butterfly knife is a attention or deadly weapon, carrying one covert without a CCW allow is a classification C felony in Nevada. The punish is:

up to $10,000 in fines (at the judge’s discretion)

People are advised to contact their local sheriff to inquire whether they need a CCW permit in order to bring a butterfly knife. Every city and also county has its very own weapons laws. For instance, world in Clark County need a CCW permit in bespeak to lug concealed a knife v a blade that procedures at the very least three (3) inches. Violating this dominion is a misdemeanor, carrying:

increase to 6 (6) months in jail, and/or as much as $500 in fines

Butterfly knives on college grounds in Nevada

NRS 393.410 renders it a gun misdemeanor to do any of the adhering to while in possession of a butterfly knife with a tongue of two (2) inch or longer:

commit any nuisance in any kind of public schoolhouse; loiter ~ above or close to the college grounds; or purposely and maliciously commit any type of trespass ~ above the grounds attached come a public schoolhouse, or any type of fixtures inserted thereon, or any enclosure or sidewalk near the institution

The punish in Nevada is:

up to 364 job in jail, and/or approximately $2,000 in fines

In addition, civilization face prosecution for a “public offense” if they have actually butterfly knife with a blade of 2 inches or longer while “willfully and maliciously injuring, marking, or defacing any public schoolhouse, its fixtures, books, or appurtenances.” The punishment counts on how much damage the defendant accused caused.

The defendant will be prosecuted for a misdemeanor in Nevada if the property damages totals less than $250. The sentence is:

increase to 6 (6) months in jail, and/or as much as $1,000 in fines

The defendant will certainly be prosecuted for a pistol misdemeanor in Nevada if the property damage totals at least $250 yet less 보다 $5,000. The sentence is:

up to 364 job in jail, and/or approximately $2,000 in fines

The defendant will certainly be prosecuted because that a group C felony in Nevada if the property damage totals at least $5,000 or higher. The sentence is:

one to five (1 – 5) year in prison, and also up come $10,000 in fines (at the judge’s discretion)

And pupils who lug butterfly velvet to school challenge expulsion. It makes no distinction what length the tongue is or whether the pupil plan to injury anything or anyone. A very first offense of bringing a butterfly knife to school carries an expulsion sentence that one year. A 2nd offense carries irreversible expulsion.

Legal recommendations

Clark County password 12.04.180 – hidden weapons prohibited there is no permit.

It is unlawful, in ~ the unincorporated area that Clark County, for any person to carry upon his human being a surprise weapon, not allowed in accordance through state law, of any type of description, including a knife v a tongue of 3 inches or more, qualified of gift concealed, without an initial having obtained written permission therefor indigenous the sheriff.

NRS 202.350 Manufacture, importation, possession or usage of dangerous weapon or silencer; carrying covert weapon there is no permit; penalties; issuance of allow to bring concealed weapon; exceptions.

1. Other than as otherwise provided in this section and NRS 202.3653 come 202.369, inclusive, a human being within this State candlestick not:

(c) v the will to inflict harm upon the human of another, possess or usage a nunchaku or trefoil; or

(d) lug concealed ~ above his or her person any:

(3) Pistol, revolver or other firearm, other dangerous or fatal weapon or pneumatic gun.

2. Except as otherwise detailed in NRS 202.275 and 212.185, a person who violates any of the provisions of:

(a) paragraph (a) or (c) of subsection 1 or subparagraph (2) of i (d) the subsection 1 is guilty:

(b) i (b) that subsection 1 or subparagraph (1) or (3) of i (d) of subsection 1 is guilty that a category C felony and shall it is in punished as detailed in NRS 193.130.

NRS 393.410 damage to institution property; nuisance; loitering; trespass; penalties.

1. That is unlawful for any person:

(a) Willfully and maliciously come injure, note or deface any type of public schoolhouse, that is fixtures, publications or appurtenances;

(b) come commit any type of nuisance in any kind of public schoolhouse;

(c) come loiter top top or close to the school grounds; or

(d) Purposely and maliciously come commit any trespass upon the grounds attached to a windy schoolhouse, or any fixtures inserted thereon, or any enclosure or sidewalk about the same.

2. Other than as otherwise listed in subsection 3, any type of person violating any kind of of the provisions the this section is guilty that a public offense, together prescribed in NRS 193.155, proportionate come the value of the building damaged or destroyed and also in no occasion less than a misdemeanor.

3. Any person who is in possession the a dangerous weapon during his or she commission the a violation of i (b), (c) or (d) the subsection 1 is guilty that a gun misdemeanor.

4. As provided in this section:

(a) “Dangerous knife” means a knife having actually a blade that is 2 customs or more in length when measured indigenous the guideline of the knife i m sorry is customarily sharpened to the unsharpened expansion of the tongue which creates the hinge connecting the tongue to the handle.

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(b) “Dangerous weapon” means: … (2) A dirk, dagger, switchblade knife or danger knife; …

NRS 392.466 Suspension or expulsion the pupil for battery top top employee of school, possession the firearm or danger weapon, revenue or distribution of managed substance or standing as habitual disciplinary problem; alteration to suspension or expulsion requirement; constraints for pupils v disabilities. … 2. Except as otherwise noted in this section, any kind of pupil that is found in possession of a firearm or a danger weapon if on the basic of any public school, at an activity sponsored by a public institution or on any type of school bus must, for the an initial occurrence, be expelled from the institution for a duration of not less than 1 year, return the pupil might be put in an additional kind of institution for a duration not to exceed the duration of the expulsion. Because that a 2nd occurrence, the pupil must be permanently expelled native the institution and:

(a) Enroll in a private school pursuant to chapter 394 of NRS, end up being an opt-in son or it is in homeschooled; or

(b) Enroll in a regime of live independence study noted pursuant to NRS 389.155 because that pupils who have actually been suspended or expelled indigenous public school or a program of distance education noted pursuant come NRS 388.820 to 388.874, inclusive, if the pupil qualifies for enrollment and is welcomed for enrollment in accordance v the needs of the applicable program. … 9. As supplied in this section:

(b) “Dangerous weapon” includes, without limitation, a blackjack, slungshot, billy, sand-club, sandbag, metal knuckles, dirk or dagger, a nunchaku or trefoil, as defined in NRS 202.350, a butterfly knife or any other knife explained in NRS 202.350, a switchblade knife as characterized in NRS 202.265, or any other thing which is used, or intimidated to be used, in such a manner and under together circumstances as to pose a hazard of, or cause, bodily injury come a person.