In some areas of the country, boxelder bugs room a major nuisance because that homeowners. This bugs swarm every over residences in the fall and also make their method inside. And when us say “swarm,” we really mean it! They conference by the dozens all over the house, completely unconcerned through the presence of people, pets and any various other potential predators. So what is that that renders these audacious bugs tick? Why perform they shot to acquire inside our homes? and also most importantly, how do you remove boxelder bugs? uncover out as we explore the most common questions civilization have about boxelder bugs!


Boxelder bugs (Boisea trivittatus) are insects indigenous to the western U.S. They can come to be a significant nuisance in the so late summer and fall once they seek out sites for overwintering. Throughout that time, they often gather in large numbers on the clear side of trees and also buildings. Adult boxelder bugs are about a ½-inch long and also have orange or red markings on their black color bodies. This insects room sometimes called box elder beetles and maple bugs. Castle are likewise commonly mistaken because that stink bugs thanks to their flat backs and also oval shape. By the way, don’t try to squish them! Doing therefore will cause them to emit a stinky smell. Shattering them can likewise leave a stain on plenty of surfaces.

2 – execute BOXELDER BUGS FLY?

Boxelder bugs space considered solid and agile fliers, occasionally traveling several miles from the trees where they hatched as they look for out food sources and places to overwinter.

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3 – deserve to BOXELDER BUGS BITE?

Boxelder bugs won’t bite, however on rarely occasions, they might prick you through a sharp mouthpart. As they are thought about “true bugs,” they have advanced to suck nutrient from your food, quite than biting and tearingit through mandibles. Boxelder bugs perform not have actually the capability to sting, either.


If your pet is susceptible to eat bugs, try to steer them clear of tasting a boxelder bug. As a defense versus predators, this insects are claimed have very foul taste. If your dog walk eat a boxelder bug, expect that it might vomit in a quick time and also take preparations for the to take place by acquisition it exterior or confine it come a room with tile floor. Part dogs, however, may have a different reaction – they may salivate excessively because that a brief time. Cats seem a little much more likely to snack on and tolerate boxelder bugs. Still, they might suffer the exact same effects: Vomiting and/or extreme salivating. If you’re tho concerned around the health of your cat or dog after ~ it spend a boxelder bug, contact your vet for additional guidance.


Boxelder bugs eat by sucking the juices the end of plants. In particular, they feed upon the juice included in the seeds of boxelder trees and also other tree in the maple family. Even in big numbers, boxelder bugs seem come do small damage to these trees.

6 – carry out BOXELDER BUGS STINK?

During their regular activity, boxelder bugs don’t emit any odor. However, when disturbed or smashed, they will release a pungent (and bad-tasting) compound to discourage predators. This, in addition to their orange or red markings, makes it easy for most predators to remember to stop eating this bugs. Their defensive capabilities likewise explain an additional boxelder pest habit – since they have no concern around predators, they have the right to gather in huge, conspicuous teams without the are afraid of gift eaten.

7 – WHERE carry out BOXELDER BUGS lay EGGS?

Boxelder bugs lay your eggs on the trunks, branches and also leaves of your food source. They carry out not lay eggs in or on homes or various other structures. After hatching as nymphs 10 come 14 job later, they will molt five times throughout the spring, summer and also fall months.

8 – WHAT space BOXELDER BUGS attracted TO?

Naturally, boxelder bugs are attracted to their food source – the seeds of the maple tree family. In the spring, they feeding on the juice trapped in ungerminated seed that have actually fallen off trees. As brand-new seeds develop throughout the summer, they feeding on those. Further, boxelder bugs space attracted to the areas where they can discover shelter for the comes winter. In a organic setting, these areas include under rocks, inside hollow logs and also behind loose bark. Manmade structures administer wonderful sanctuary for castle too, wherein they have the right to be found behind siding or in timber piles. To remain warm, castle congregate ~ above brick or stucco facades and also on the surfaces of any kind of south- or west-facing structures that catch significant amounts that sunlight.


People notice boxelder bugs in the fall much more than any kind of other time that the year because they become such a nuisance at this time. During the spring and also summer, one or 2 generations of boxelder bugs develop. As the weather transforms colder, this insects get in survival setting – they require a place to stay for the winter, and they often try to invade human structures. The result swarm top top home and building exteriors renders their presence especially obvious. Throughout this time, you’ll discover them trying to obtain inside with cracks and also crevices, damaged home window screens, ventilation ducts, energy conduits and plumbing.

10 – how DO YOU regulate BOXELDER BUGS? exactly how DO YOU eliminate BOXELDER BUGS?

In someyears, the sheer number of boxelder bugs can make the job of controlling them seem daunting. Still, several simple steps have the right to be required to limit their ability to gain inside.

Remove Boxelder pest Food Sources – If possible, eliminate the trees the they are feeding on, which will certainly deter the insects from staying in her yard. Because boxelder bugs are only attracted to “female” maples that develop seed pods, you deserve to just get rid of those trees.Seal Gaps in her Home – Boxelder bugs deserve to fit in spaces as little as 1/8- inches, so seal such spaces through caulk or foam. Also install door sweeps ~ above exterior entry doors.Check or install Screens – inspect the displays on your windows and doors because that holes. Include a display on ventilation ports, including vents for dryers, heating, waiting conditioning and soffits.

*® uses a variety of boxelder bug killers the can help you eliminate your boxelder an insect problem indoors and out.

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