Fluid the impairs the capability of tissue cells to do xchanges with the interstitial fluid and also ultimately the blood.

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LymphExcess tissue fluid.
Lymph NodesProtect the body by remove foreing product such together bacteria and tumor cells fromt the lymphatic stream and by producing lymphocytes that role in the immune response.
MacrophagesEngulf and destroy bacteria, viruses, and other forign substnacesin the lymph prior to it is returned to the blood.
LymphocytesA form of white blood cell the respond to international substances in the lymphatic stream.
SpleenA soft, blood rich organ that filter blood.
Thymus GlandA lymphoid mass discovered low in the neck overlying the heart.
TonsilsSmall masses the lymhpoid tissue that ring the pharynx, where they are discovered in the mucosa.
Peyer's PatchesAct favor tonsils but are found in the wall surface of the little intestine.
Innate Defense SystemResponds immediately to protect the human body from all foreign substances.
Adaptive Defense SystemMounts strikes against details foreign substances.
ImmunityHighly specific reistsnace come disease.
PathogensDisease resulting in microorganisms.
LysozymeAn enzyme that destroys bacteria.
PhagocytesEngulfs international particles.
Natural Killer CellsCells the lyse and kill cancer cell virus infected body cells.
Inflammatory ResponseNonspecific solution that is motivated whenever body tissues room injured.
ComplementRefers to a group of 20 plasma proteins that circulate in the blood in an inactive state.
InterferonsThese molecule diffuse to surrounding cells and also bind to your membrance receptors. This intereferes v the viruses capability to multiply.
PyrogensChemicals secreted form white blood cells and also macrophages exposed to foreign cells.
Humoral ImmunityProvided through anitbodies current in the body's fluids.
Cell Mediated ImmunityWhen lymphocytes themselves safeguard the body.
AntigenAny substance qualified of mobilizing our immun system and provoking an immune response.
B LymphocytesProduce antibodies and oversee humorla immunity.
T LymphocytesThe cell responsible for attacking foreign substances during cell mediated immunity.
Plasma CellsType that white blood cells that produces and secretes antibodies.
Memory CellsB cell that do not come to be plasma cells and are qualified of responding the sane anitgen at later meetings.
Active ImmunityWhen B cell encounter antigens and also produce antibodies versus them.
VaccinesArtificial, small doses the a virus therefore that space body establish the actual thing at later on times.
Passive ImmunityImmunity gained by the transport of anitbodies from one more individual.
Monoclonal AnitbodiesDescendants of a solitary cell and are pure anitbody preperations the exhibit specificity because that one and also only one antigen.
AntibodiesSoluble proteins that space secreted by activated B cells or by their plasma cell offspring in an answer to an anitgen.
Cytotoxic T CellsCells the are dedicated in killing virus infected, cancer, or international graft cells.
Helper T CellsAre T cells the act as directors or managers of the immune system.

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Regulatory T CellsRelease chemicals that suppress the activity of both T and also B cells.