Irrational number is a number which can not be expressed together a simple fraction i.e., its decimal type is no terminating.

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Let some number in between 5 to 7 is:

5.1234567...... , 5.5765876...., 6.12343567... And also so on

∴ There are unlimited irrational number is lie between 5 and 7.




Q1. Find the best of the following numbers:\(\sqrt 5 - \sqrt 3 ,\sqrt 7 - \sqrt 5 ,\sqrt 9 - \sqrt 7 ,\sqrt 11 - \sqrt 9 \)
Q2. The denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator by 8. If the numerator is enhanced by 17 and the denominator is boosted by 1, the number i do not care 3/2. Find the reasonable number.

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Q3. Which of the following is the smallest fraction?\(\frac815\),\(\frac1433\),\(\frac713\),\(\frac1113\)
Q7. Consider the following numbers:1. Every irrational number is a actual number.2. Every actual number is rational number.3. Every reasonable number is a actual number.4. Every essence is a real number.Which that the above statements are correct?
Q6. What will be the ratio of the Least common Multiple and Highest usual Factor ofthe 10, 20 and 30?
Q2. A dealer marks an post 50% above the price price and also sells it to a customer enabling two succeeding discounts of 20% and also 15% ~ above the marked price. If he gains Rs. 400 top top the deal then the price price that the post is?
Q4. For which value(s) that λ, execute the pair of linear equations λx + y = λ2 and x + λy = 2 can't have actually a distinctive solution?
Q5. A human being spends 25% that his yearly income on residence rent. 15% on travelling and 45% on various things. If he saves Rs. 13500 annually, then the personal spending on assorted things is
Q6. The root of the equation x2 + px + q = 0 room 1 and 2. The root of the equation qx2 - px + 1 = 0 have to be:
Q7. In a mixture that 280 litres, milk and water space in the proportion 4:3. If the proportion is compelled to it is in 1:2, then how many litres that water is to it is in added?
Q8. Find the worth of k because that which the following systems the equations have infinitely many solutions:7x + 4y = 2(3k + 2)x + (2k + 8)y = 3(k - 4)
Q9. If the SI top top a particular Sum as soon as invested in ~ 12% every annum for 3 years is Rs. 1440, then find the amount acquired on the exact same sum if that is invest at 10% compounded every year for 2 years.
Q10. An short article is sold for Rs. 3000 in ~ a lose of 25 percent. What should be the marketing price to obtain 15 percent?