A wagon is relocating on tracks at a rate of 10 m/s, collideselastically with a wagon movingalong the very same track through a rate of 5 m/s and in the samedirection.(a) transform this difficulty into a much more familiar one, in i beg your pardon thesecond wagon is consideredto be in ~ rest. Use the ide of family member velocity to do make thistransformation.(b) In this reworked frame where the second wagon is at rest,what space the speeds of thetwo wagons after ~ collision.(c) In the framework of the original difficulty (i.e. No relativevelocities considered), what room thevelocities the the 2 wagons ~ collision? (Hint: change youranswer in (b) earlier to theoriginal situation described in (a))

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You own an 800 kg 4WD truck and you decision to go help a girlfriend whogot grounding on a steep snowy hill road in his 400 kg Porche. Thegrade the the road is 30%, meaning it provides an edge of 17 degreeswith the horizontal. You place your truck just over his vehicle andattach a tow rope. You number you"ll have the ability to pull that outbecause friend have far better tires. However, together you shot to tow the car,both vehicles start to slide under the slope, the automobile below thetruck. The coefficient of kinetic friction between your tires andthe roadway is ?k=0.35 while because that his auto it is ?k =0.25.A) What is the acceleration of every vehicle?B) What is the stress in the tow rope?C) explain what would occur quantitatively (i.e., giveaccelerations) if your truck had been positioned below the carinstead of above the car and also they both began to slide.

Josef is late because that a wedding and is speeding under a straight roadway at 145km/hr once he passes an officer sitting in a police auto parked behind a billboard at the side of the road. Two seconds after Josef"s vehicle passes him, the officer accelerates the police vehicle from rest and also maintains a maximum acceleration that 8.5km/hr.s till he get a optimal speed that 210km/hr. Eventually, the officer it s okay within 150m that the speeding vehicle and also turns on the flashing lights. Josef look at the lamp in his rearview mirror and also panics, slamming ~ above the brakes and starting to skid. Josef"s auto slows under at a price of 5.5m/s2. It takes the officer 0.5 secs to realize what is happening and to move his foot to the brake pedal prior to he deserve to start to slow-moving down. The police automobile slows down at a rate of 6m/s2.
a) how long after Josef very first passes the police auto does the take prior to the officer transforms on the flashing lights?
b) How much has each automobile traveled from the billboard when the officer turns on the flashing lights?

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d) execute the two vehicles collide? If so, at what speed (relative come Josef) walk the police automobile strike Josef"s vehicle? If not, what is the the smallest distance the separates the two vehicles?