The critical Supper and the Mona Lisa to be the work-related of the an excellent artist
Leonardo da Vinci
32. What prompted the occasions that caused the development of the Church of England?Henry VIII want a divorce
33. In the clinical method, a hypothesis is a?possible explanation to it is in tested
34. What rule discoverable by factor did knowledge thinkers try to apply to the examine of human behavior and also society?natural law
35. In A Vindication that the legal rights of Woman, mar Wollstonecraft suggested that women and also men should have equal?education
36. Enlightenment authors often faced censorship because they?challenged the old order
37. A ruler who influenced political and also social readjust was well-known as a?enlightened despot
38. American leaders gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 to revise the?Articles that Confederation
Enlightenment thinkers were influenced by the idea of herbal law that arised from the?Scientific Revolution
According come what political thinker, the best form of federal government is an pure monarchy due to the fact that people are normally born evil?Thomas Hobbes
The system of checks and also balances in the United states Constitution was affected by the principles of which knowledge thinker?Montesquieu
Economist Adam Smith said that, in a free market, business activity would be regulation by the pressures of?supply and demand
What knowledge thinker said that the purpose of government is to safeguard the organic rights of the people?John Locke
In the 1700s, British sellers gained enormous wealth by dominating what kind of trade v Spanish America?slaves
Which that the following British laws implemented taxes on together items together newspapers and pamphlets in the American colonies?Stamp Act
The Constitution created a federal republic, which separated power between which 2 branches?National and also State
The idea that separation of powers in the constitution was borrowed from knowledge thinker?Montesquieu
The declaration of the rights of Man and the citizens was modeled top top the?the declaration of Independence
An artist the the mid-1800s who portrayed the harsh resides of slum dwellers was most likely using what artistic style?realism
Who discovered that sterilizing surgical instruments with antiseptics would assist prevent infection?Joseph Lister
Reformers in what movement said that the use of alcohol addict beverages harmed family members life and also reduced worker productivity?temperance
In Bismarck’s practice of this, his politics actions to be guided by the needs of the staterealpolitik
The twin Monarchy to be a mix of what 2 countries?Austria-Hungary
Which of the following occasions caused Britain come fight in human being War I?Invasion of Belgium
A stalemate arisen along the western Front early in the war due to the fact that of what form of warfare?Trench Warfare
What to be the occasion that lugged the U.S into WWI, in i beg your pardon Germany make the efforts to acquire Mexico to join the main Powers?Zimmermann telegram
Which the the following added to the united States’ decision to enter the war on the side of the Allies?cultural ties to Britain
Which nations were members of the Triple Alliance?Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
Which countries were members that the Triple Entente?Britain, France, Russia
59. Which that the complying with is the best explanation for Russia’s enntrance gate into human being War I?Felt that should protect Serbia a Slavic country
How was fighting top top the east Front different from fighting on the west Front?It was much more mobile