Leukoplakia is a precancerous lesion that establishes on the tongue or the inside of the cheek together a an answer to chronic irritation. Occasionally, leukoplakia patches build on the female exterior genitalia.

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Leukoplakia is mainly a disorder of the mucous membrane of the mouth. That is resulted in by irritation. Lesions usually develop on the tongue, however they may additionally appear on the insides that the cheek.

Irritation may result from stormy teeth or rough places on dentures, fillings, and also crowns. It may also result from smoking or various other tobacco usage (smoker"s keratosis). Persons that smoke pipes room at high risk for developing this condition, as space those who organize chewing tobacco or snuff in the mouth for a long duration of time.

Leukoplakia job may construct on the female external genital area, yet the reason is unknown.

Like various other mouth ulcers, leukoplakia may come to be cancerous.

The disorder is most typical in the elderly.

"Hairy" leukoplakia the the mouth is an unusual kind of leukoplakia that is seen mostly in HIV-positive people. It may be one of the very first signs the HIV infection. It can additionally appear in others when their immune systems room not functioning well, such as after a bone marrow transplant. It may be caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.

White spot usually show up on the tongue and also sometimes ~ above other locations in the mouth. The condition may look choose thrush, a kind of candida infection that is likewise associated v HIV and also AIDS in adults.


The primary symptom of leukoplakia is a skin lesion v the following characteristics:

ar commonly on the tongue may be ~ above the inside of the cheeks In females, sometimes on the vul shade usually white or gray might be red (called erythroplakia) texture thick Slightly elevated Hardened surface ar

The symptom of hairy leukoplakia are painless, fuzzy, white job on the tongue.

Exams and also Tests

The usual white patch of leukoplakia establishes slowly, over weeks to months. The lesion may eventually end up being rough in texture, and also may come to be sensitive to touch, heat, spicy foods, or other irritation.

A biopsy the the lesion confirms the diagnosis. An check of the biopsy specimen might find transforms that indicate oral cancer.


The score of therapy is to get rid of the lesion. Removal of the resource of irritation is important and also may command to disappearance of the lesion.

Dental reasons such as unstable teeth, rarely often, rarely denture surface, or fillings need to be treated as quickly as possible. cigarette smoking or other tobacco use should be stopped.

Surgical removal of the lesion may be necessary. The lesion is usually removed in your health care provider"s office through the usage of neighborhood anesthesia.

Some study has presented that vitamin A or vitamin E might shrink lesions, but this must only be administered through close supervision through a health care provider.

Treatment the leukoplakia ~ above the vulva is the very same as therapy of dental lesions.

Outlook (Prognosis)

Leukoplakia is typically harmless, and lesions usually clear in a couple of weeks or months after the source of irritation is removed. Around 3% that leukoplakia lesions build cancerous changes.

Hairy leukoplakia is often a sign of HIV infection and an increased likelihood of emerging AIDS.

Possible symptom

Chronic discomfort infection of the lesion dental cancer

When to contact a Medical expert

Call because that an appointment with your health treatment provider if friend have any kind of lesions resembling leukoplakia or hairy leukoplakia.


Minimize or protect against smoking or other tobacco use. Have actually rough teeth treated and dental appliances repaired promptly.

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Safer sexual practices minimize the danger of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, including HIV.

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