Spanish word because that 'conqueror'; human who conquered the native civilization in the Americas.

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Immunitynatural protection
Hernan CortesSpanish conquistador; among the faster explorers who landed on the coast of Mexico.
Tenochtitlancapitol that the Aztec empire; damaged by the Spanish and later rebuilt as Mexico City.
Malincheyoung native American woman; knew Maya and Aztec languages and quickly learned Spanish; served as translator and also advisor to Cortes and helped that arrange partnerships with opponents of the Aztecs.
Allianceformal agreement in between two or an ext nations or powers to cooperate and also come come one another's defense.
MoctezumaAztec authorize who passed away fighting the Spanish.
Francisco PizarroSpanish conquistador; come in Peru in 1532; captured and killed the Inca leader Atahualpa; ongoing to explore throughout Ecuador and Chile.
Civil Wara battle fought between groups of civilization who live in the exact same nation.
Viceroyrepresentative that ruled one of Spain's districts in the ameri in the king's name; one who governed in India in the surname of the brother monarch.
Ecomiendaright the Spanish government granted come its American homesteaders to demand labor or tribute native the aboriginal Americans.
Bartolome de las Casaspleaded v Spanish king to end abuse to native Americans; Spain passed laws forbidding enslavement of indigenous Americans.
Peonworker required to labor for a landlord in order come pay off a debt.
Peninsularemember that the highest course in Spain's swarms in the Americas.
Creolein Spain's nests in the Americas, one American-born descendent that Spanish settlers.
Mestizoin Spain's swarms in the Americas, a human of native American and European descent.
Mulattoin Spain's colonies in the Americas, a human being who to be of African and also European descent.
New Franceland claimed by France in present-day Canada.
Revenuemoney bring away in with taxes.
PilgrimsEnglish Protestants that rejected the Church of England; sought religious freedom as soon as they resolved in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.
French and Indian Warwar in between Britain and also France (1754-1763) over manage of north America; plenty of Native Americans groups were allied through the French.
Treaty of Parisagreement that ended the French and Indian war in 1763; France yielded Canada and its land eastern of the Mississippi river to Britain however regained sugar-producing islands in the Caribbean and also slave-trading outposts in Africa.
Olaudah Ebsci-ch.orgnoyoung Nigerian captured by servant traders and brought to the americas in the 1750s.
Triangular Tradecolonial trade route among Europe and its colonies, the West Indies, and Africa in which goods were exchanged because that slaves.
Middle Passagethe 2nd stage that the triangle trade when African slaves were transported to the Americas where they were exchanged because that sugar and also molasses.
Mutinyrevolt aboard a slave ship through the captives.
Columbian Exchangetransporting plants and animals from the americas to Europe and also transporting plants and animals indigenous Europe come the Americas, which began with Columbus.
Inflationeconomic bike that entails a quick rise in prices connected to a sharp boost in the lot of money available.
Price Revolutionrapid rise in inflation during the 1500s caused by the massive amount that gold and also silver flowing into Europe from the Americas.
Capitalismeconomic mechanism in i m sorry the method of manufacturing is privately owned and operated for profit.
Entrepreneurperson who assumes financial risks in the hope of making a profit.

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Mercantilismpolicy whereby a country sought to export an ext than it imported in stimulate to construct its supply of gold and silver.
Tarifftax ~ above imported goods