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home » ecological Protection » Polar bears Aren’t Left Handed (and 9 other Things You no Know)


Help celebrate the king the the Arctic on Polar be affected by each other Day, February 27, through these funny facts.

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1. Hand-in-hand

Polar bears are not left-handed. This is a common misconception—research has shown that both paws are provided equally. You could say they space ambidextrous.

2. Simply keep swimming

The polar bear is thought about a naval mammal because of all the time it safety in and around the sea. Adult bears can spend number of days in the water, covering long distances.

3. Dimension matters

Polar bears space the biggest bears ~ above the planet. Males are considerably larger 보다 females. Your weight different throughout the season—an adult female can an ext than twin her weight between spring and also late summer.

4. Brrr!

Polar bears live just in the Arctic. Besides the ice shelf approximately the north Pole, castle live in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, the Russian Arctic, and also the Norwegian Arctic.

5. Conservation

There room an estimated 20,000–25,000 polar bears. Cubs have low survival rates yet adults commonly live to be 15-25 years. They deserve to live to be 30.

6. To dance in the dark

Polar bears don’t hibernate. Lock are active in winter also when it’s dark all day. Only pregnant females build birthing dens wherein they get in a “winter sleep.”

7. A brand-new life

Polar bears have actually delayed implantation. Lock mate in April-May, however the fetus doesn’t build much until late fall. The cubs space born quite little around brand-new Year.

8. When opportunity strikes

They deserve to survive for over six months there is no food pending castle have sufficient body fat and get enough rest. As well as their key diet the seals, they space opportunistic feeders. They might eat carrion, birds’ egg or also hunt because that sea birds.

9. Pollutants

Polar bears room exposed to an extremely high pollutant levels, particularly persistent necessary pollutants (POPs). POPs gather in fatty tissue and breakdown slowly. The higher up the food chain, the greater the concentration.

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10. Breaking the ice

Global warming is a danger to polar bears whose survival counts on sea ice. Their population could be decreased by 2/3 through 2050 if climate scientists are right. The polar bear has Red List status as breakable (VU) and is detailed as a threatened types under the Endangered varieties Act.